9 Christian Secondary Schools London

The sad truth is lots of doctrines are been introduced to our schools nowadays, though these doctrines might be presented as “Not Harmful,” there is always an ulterior motive to their innocence. 

Take for instance a woman that recently sued a school (that I won’t mention the name) for adding books that promoted children’s oral s#x and Pedophilia, to their library. The terrible thing is that these books have innocent names that can make your kids easily pick them to read, but deep inside the pages are terrible messages sent to these innocent kids.

So, one of the best solutions to this is sending your kids to Christian secondary schools London, or any other faith-based school you prefer, or even one of the best Christian schools in the United Kingdom. And, the interesting thing is that these schools also provide quality education to their students, so there’s nothing to lose.

Christian secondary schools London

Christian Secondary Schools London

1. The Coopers’ Company and Coborn School

This is one of the Christian secondary schools London that are outstanding in providing quality education to students, that’s one of the reasons they were awarded the title of the Top Performing Comprehensive School in London. Moreover, they also greatly participate in sporting and so many extracurricular activities, which made them reach 43 National Sports Finals in 2022.

Furthermore, the school provides different kinds of interesting subjects such as Business & Economics, Computer Science, Design & Technology, Drama & Theatre Studies, English, Food Preparation & Nutrition, French, Geography, German, History, etc.

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2. Advance for Life Christian Academy 

This is one of the Christian secondary schools in London that is part of the Independent Examinations Board (IEB), which is a private assessment board that offers examination services to private schools. Because the school follows the IEB curriculum, it means that their students will be a lot equipped to deal with the workload of University studies and also develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. 

Their secondary school phase gives students the chance to make a very important decision on what subjects they will do. It is mandatory that all students offer English as the language of instruction, Physical Education, and Biblical Studies.

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3. Walthamstow Academy

This is another mixed Christian secondary school in London with a dedicated Sixth Form, and their values are respect, determination, confidence, creativity, and enthusiasm. They provide several Sixth Form subjects which are Art, Craft, and Design; Biology; Business A-Level; Business BTEC; Chemistry; Computer Science; Economics; English Literature; French; Further Maths; Geography; Government and Politics; Health & Social Care; History; Mathematics; Media Studies; Physical Education; Physics; Psychology; Sociology; Spanish; Sports BTEC.

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4. Tabernacle School – Education for Living

This is one of the Christian secondary schools London that was established due to the lack of schools that promoted academic excellence as well as celebrated Christian Values. Also, as part of their assessment program, they use several sets of student data to monitor your child’s progress and inform their teaching.

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5. Westminster City School

This Christian school is exclusively for boys, and it is located in the heart of Westminster, close to Buckingham Palace, the Houses of Parliament, and Westminster Abbey. The school offers three key stages for secondary schools, in which almost all their pupils offer a core curriculum of  English, Mathematics, Science, Religious Studies, Games, PSHE, Citizenship, Work-Related Learning, and Enterprise.

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6. Notre Dame Roman Catholic Girls’ School

I believe you always want a conducive environment where your daughter will learn properly, and that is exactly what this school provides, and thanks to the staff that works so hard for this result. As a Christian catholic secondary school in London, their curriculum is inspired by the teaching of the gospel.

Outside the fact that the school provides outstanding education through their several subjects, they also have clubs and afterschool activities, which really play an amazing role in the all-round development of their pupils. They also provide a wide range of free Extended School activities, such as home learning clubs, sports clubs, language clubs, science, maths, dance, drama, music, and craft, as well as coursework.

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7. St Marylebone School

This is one of the Christian secondary schools London that accept students of all races, faiths, and cultures. From the Bible perspective, the school aims to educate the whole child and provide for students of all social, economic, ethnic, and religious backgrounds.

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8. The Elms Academy

This is one of the Christian high schools in London that strive for excellence, which has resulted in receiving vibrant Sixth Form, where their students thrive: 57% of A-Level grades were A*- A. The school also provides various clubs, trips, matches, and extracurricular activities.

Their clubs include; the Big Thinkers History Club, Science Club, Drama Club, Board Games Club, Football, Maths Masters, Art Club, Knitting Ninjas, Gardening Club, Climate Fighters, etc.

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9. Bishop Thomas Grant School

This school was inspected by Ofsted in October 2014 and judged to be Outstanding in all four areas of the inspection: Leadership and Management; Behaviour and Safety; Quality of Teaching; and Achievement of Pupils. The Sixth Form was also judged to be Outstanding.

Due to the pandemic, the school might operate in a hybrid method of teaching, where students learn both in school and from home.

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