Christian Schools in East London

I was recently watching a court case where a mother sued a certain school for deliberately adding books that promoted oral s#x, Pedophilia, and different kinds of outrageous acts, in their library. So, imagine your child that innocently went to read in the library, and saw a book that has a good name, then inside the book are stories and pictures that can make him/her start imagining crazy things at an early age.

Whether you’re a Christian parent or not, it is paramount to guide your child in the environment they go to, including the schools they attend. That’s why taking them to Christian schools in East London, or any other Christian school in the UK is necessary.

And, the brilliant thing is that these schools still provide the quality education your kids deserve, as well as ensure they grow through the Bible perspective.

So, let’s see these schools

Christian Schools in East London
Christian Schools in East London

Christian Schools in East London

1. Advance for Life Christian Academy 

This is one of the Christian schools in East London that provides quality education to kids from Christ’s worldview. The school was established in 1998 with the aim of providing suitable education to students from disadvantaged communities.

The school provides different necessary academics such as;

  • Grade R: Where they focus on the foundation phase curriculum and teach simple subjects like English, Mathematics, Life Skills, Bible.
  • Primary School Academics; where they follow the CAPS curriculum (Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statements).
  • High School Academics; Where they are part of the Independent Examinations Board (IEB), which is a private assessment board that offers examination services to private schools.

Just like most reputable schools in London, as your kids advance in grade, the subjects they will take also advance.

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2. London Christian School

This is among the Christian high schools in east London that were established in September 2007, with just 4 pupils. With consistency and rapid growth, the school has expanded to have 120 pupils across eight classes, aged from 3 to 11 years old.

London Christian School still maintains a small-size class to make sure the teacher can relate with each student, and also build amazing care and relationship with them.

LCS believes that “Learning is not simply about adding to the knowledge bank. It is about ‘learning how to learn’, even for the youngest children.” This belief made them to developing five Characteristics of learning, which are;

  • Persevering
  • Collaborating
  • Linking
  • Experimenting
  • Organising

The school also gives parents or guardians the opportunity to visit them for a private tour, where they will see exactly what they do (you can find out more from their admission page).

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3. Abbotsford Christian School

This is another Christian School in East London that strongly believes in two things: that each child is created in God’s image, with a plan and a purpose; and TEAM (Together Each Accomplishes More).

Their beliefs have made them grow and build an amazing school that is divided into 3 Phases;

  • Preschool; comprises one Grade RR class that can accommodate up to 18 children and two Grade R classes that can accommodate up to 20 children in each class.
  • Foundation Phase
  • Intermediate Phase.

Furthermore, they provide several sporting events and extra-mural activities such as athletics, cross country, netball, soccer, hockey, tennis, volleyball, handball, and rugby. Abbotsford Christian School is one of the few Christian schools in East London that are approved by Microsoft for Education School and the learners have access to online learning tools to assist with in-depth training in 26+ Microsoft products. 

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4. Grangewood Independent School

This Christian school in the East end of London was established in 1979 and provides co-education for pupils of 2 (two) to 11 (eleven) years. 

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