10 Best Christian Schools London (Plus School Fee)

I believe as a Christian Parent you have seen how terrible the world is going, and how our children’s mindsets are changed in schools. Sadly, nowadays, some schools don’t accept the use of the Bible or the promotion of Christ or any other religion even in London, and this must be alarming.

And, sometimes we stop to wonder where this world is heading to. 

I know you want your child or kids to succeed but I also believe you want them to do so without selling their souls, right? (Anyway, I’m not saying mixed-faith schools are bad for your kids, but there are a lot of deceitful doctrines in schools Nowadays).

The good news is that there are lots of Christian schools London that don’t only nurture your kids through a Christ-centered Worldview, but also improve their academic and leadership excellence.

These schools will teach your child to learn to love God, and even extend this love to those around them including your family. Some of the schools go further to praying for your kids daily.

Without much ado, let’s list these Christian schools in London, UK.

Christian schools London
Christian schools London

Christian Schools London

1. Thames Christian School

School Fees: £6,680 per term

Thames Christian School is not just one of the best Christian schools in London, but they are also recognized for providing quality education in all categories by the Independent Schools Inspectorate in its Educational Quality Inspection in April 2022.

Also, one of the key factors to their academic excellence is their provision of small classes, which helps the teachers to communicate with each student on a personal level. 

Their new building even provides a better educational environment to students, and it’s located adjacent to Clapham Junction. This means that students will get to have the most recent facilities which include multiple science laboratories, DT workshops, a food technology room, a library, a PE hall/theatre, and a dance/drama studio.

Moreover, the school is one of the few Christian schools London that provides up to 5 scholarships annually for pupils joining year 7.

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2. Immanuel School


  • £576/month for a family with one child
  • £805/month for a family with two children
  • £898/month for a family with three children
  • £958/month for a family with four children

I love Immanuel School’s welcome speech a lot, it says;

“Immanuel School is a place where children thrive – a place where education is not just about the acquisition of knowledge, but is part of something far bigger. Immanuel School is a place where friendships are formed; where skills and abilities are developed; where vision and calling are discovered; where wisdom is acquired; a place in which children experience a sense of ‘family’ and belonging.”

The school focuses on pupils from ages 3 to 16.

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3. Tabernacle School


  • Reception to Year 1 £7,500 
  • Year 2 to Year 6 from £8,750 
  • Year 7 to Year 11 from £10,750

This is one of the best Christian schools in London that was built out of a desperate desire to have a school that both promoted academic excellence and also nurtured Christian values. The school is a mixed school that is divided into;

  • Pre-School (3-5 years): where they provide a unique and playful approach to fasten the growth of your kids.
  • Lower School (6-10 years)
  • Upper School (11-16 years).

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  1. Grangewood Independent School


  • 3 & 4 Year-Olds: £1,384
  • 5 Year-Olds: £1,384
  • 6 – 11-Year-Olds: £2,100 per term (siblings of current pupils pay £1,890 per term)

Grangewood Independent School is one of the faith-based schools in London that was founded more than 4 decades ago with the aim of becoming a co-educational school to serve only kids from 2 to 11 years old.

Most importantly, most students of 2 years old are given Free flexible 15 hrs entitlement, which means they won’t pay school fees.

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5. Emmanuel Community School

Emmanuel Community School is a Christian school in Walthamstow, London that accepts both kids of all faith and no faith. Their classes range from reception to year 6 and are named after popular colors such as Red Class, Orange Class, Yellow Class, etc.

6. Canary Wharf College

Canary Wharf College has a beautiful history of how it was established. For the first time in the history of London, an ordinary woman, Sarah Counter went to the government and said, “I have a vision for a school, please give me some money.”

And just like that, she started this Christian school in London.

Canary Wharf College has 3 different schools;

  • East Ferry (Primary)
  • Glenworth (Primary)
  • Crossharbour (Secondary)

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7. The Elms Academy

This is one of the Christian schools London that have special care for children, and academically brings out the best in them. They also provide excellent academics, that’s why 42% of their GCSE grades awarded across all subjects were grade 7 or above.

Also, several of their Sixth Formers have recently been awarded places at Cambridge and Oxford University.

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8. London Christian School

Location: Tabard Street, London

Fees: £3,600

This is another Christian school in London, UK that was recently established in September 2007, and they started with just 4 students. The school believes that “Learning is not simply about adding to the knowledge bank. It is about ‘learning how to learn,'” and their belief has made them create strong, educated children.

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9. The Coopers’ Company and Coborn School

This is one of the oldest Christian schools in London that have been making a difference in students’ lives and making parents proud since 1536. Through their Sixth Form, the school provides first-class, academic provision in 25 different “A” Level subjects.

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10. London Christian Elementary School


  • 3-day JK/SK: $712 Per Month
  • 4-day JK/SK: $926 Per Month
  • 5-day JK/SK: $1068 Per Month
  • Full-time (1 child): $1069 Per Month
  • Full-time (2 or more children): $1178 Per Month

Due to the undying ambition to reach several countries, London Christian Elementary School has expanded from London to Ontario, Canada. The school is partnering with churches to ensure your kids are trained both academically and in the way of the Lord.

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