13 Best Christian Schools in Canada

Canada is known to be one of the best countries for education. In fact, most international students from English-speaking countries, always add Canada as one of the top 3 countries to study abroad.

And, they have a lot of reasons for choosing this country for education, they have lots of colleges that are ranked top in the world, U.S. News & World Report ranked them as the 3rd place in the world for the best quality life. Also, their federal minimum wage is $15.55 per hour which is better than that of the United States ($7.25/hr).

They even provide means of studying for free.

Furthermore, best Christian schools in Canada are also top-notch, and provide their education, whether high school or university from Christ’s Perspective. Let’s go ahead to list these schools.

Christian schools in Canada
Christian schools in Canada

Christian Schools in Canada

1. The Bishop Strachan School (Toronto, Ontario)

This is one of the Faith-based schools in Canada that cherish, nature young minds, and spirit, that is exclusively for ladies. The school goes beyond helping its students have a deep understanding of major subjects like mathematics, science and technology, humanities, and the arts.

Exceeding the quality education they provide, they also offer lots of extracurricular activities like Arts, Athletics, Service Learning, Student Leadership, Outdoor Education & Global Experiences.

Furthermore, they provide merit-based scholarships to encourage and reward those students that performed well in their academic, artistic, and athletic performance.

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2. Abbotsford Christian School

This is one of the best private Christian schools in Canada that provides part-time kindergarten, they also provide full music & French program. The school was established in the early 1950s by a group of Christian parents that are sorely into educating their children from a bible perspective.

Their method of providing their Elementary, Middle, and Secondary programs is quite different from what a lot of other Faith-based schools in Canada do. Students don’t only have the opportunity to sit down and learn, they also can explore, discover new findings, build, question, and even play.

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3. John Knox Christian School, Ontario

The John Knox Christian School, Ontario was founded in 1953 with the aim of emphasizing the word of God and its application in the lives of students. Also, they provide international student programs for foreign students from Junior Kindergarten up to grade 8.

Even though the school is not a technology school, they adapt advanced tech to help their students improve in the tech world.

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4. Ambrose University, Calgary

This is one of the Christian colleges in Canada for international students that was recently founded in 2007 by joint collaboration of Alliance University College and Nazarene University College. They provide lots of programs through their 8 schools which include; Ambrose Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, Science, School Of Business, School Of Education, School Of Ministry, and Seminary.

The Ambrose Arts School offers specializations in programs such as Acting and Music.

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5. Tyndale University, Toronto

This is one of the best Christian schools in Canada that has been training Christian leaders since 1894. Their aim is to provide a quality education through the perspective of the church and the school is approved by the government of Canada which also makes them eligible to admit international students.

Tyndale University provides various Undergraduate, Graduate degree programs, and Certificate courses. They also provide lots of seminary degrees and programs.

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6. Toronto School of Theology

This is one of the Faith-based schools in Canada that accept students of different ages, ranging from 20 to 81 years old. They also welcome students from different countries, there are thousands of students coming from 50 different countries.

Moreover, the school has the largest graduate program in theology in Canada, with nearly 400 students registered in TST’s graduate degree programs.

7. Institute for Christian Studies

For 55 years, the Institute for Christian Studies has been providing exceptional education through a strong Christian approach. Their faculty members are willing to provide the right education to you and also provide the right mentorship to guide you through.

They provide their programs through their 7 fields of study, which include;

  • Theology and Biblical Studies
  • Philosophy of Religion and Philosophical Theology
  • Social and Political Thought
  • History and Historiography of Philosophy
  • Knowledge, Truth, and Learning
  • Aesthetics, Hermeneutics, and Philosophy of Discourse
  • Anthropology and Ethics

8. Prairie College

The motto of Prairie College is “To Know Christ and Make Him Known,” and it is one of the private Christian schools in Alberta. They don’t accept lots of students, they only have 300 students coming from several countries, but they still have lots of Alumni which is over 17,000.

Prairie College provides its classes through Campus, HyFlex (Hybrid Teaching), and Online.

9. Canadian Baptist Theological – Seminary and College

This is one of the Christian schools in Canada that provide both seminary and college degrees. Their Seminary Programs include;

  • Master of Divinity
  • Master of Christian Ministry
  • Master of Biblical Studies
  • Master of Christian Studies
  • Seminary Certificate in Christian Studies
  • Seminary Certificate in Spiritual Care/Chaplaincy

While their college program includes;

  • Bachelor of Christian Studies
  • Bachelor of Christian Ministry
  • Diploma of Christian Studies
  • Diploma of Christian Ministry
  • College Certificate in Christian Studies
  • Samuel Program Certificate

They also provide lots of scholarships (tuition benefits) and you need to watch the deadline or the scholarship(s) will be forfeited.

10. Académie Ste-Cécile International School   

This is one of the Christian private schools in Canada that was founded and based on the principles of the Roman Catholic Church. They are one of the few high schools that provide an International Baccalaureate, which students have to undertake on a two-year curriculum leading to examinations for high school students in their senior years of study.

They also provide dance and music school.

11. Halton Hills Christian School, Georgetown, Ontario

Regardless of the fact that this is a faith-based High School in Canada, they also make sure that all their teachers hold degrees in Bachelor of Education, and have at least 10 years of experience. They provide wonderful academics and as well give room to different Athletics, Co-curricular Activities, and Music & Art.

12. Canadian Mennonite University, Winnipeg

Canadian Mennonite University is one of the newest Christian schools in Canada that was founded in 2000, and they provide accredited bachelor’s and master’s degree programs.

13. Redeemer University

Lots of graduates from this Christian School in Canada are satisfied with all their experiences in the school. In fact, 94% of them said they loved the school. Also, 84% of students that started degree programs graduated.

The Redeemer University provides 34 majors from Christian Perspective. Moreover, they provide different kinds of scholarships or financial aid for their students, 89% of students receive financial aid, and they award more than $8 million.

13. The King’s University

This is one of the Christian Universities in Canada that is recognized for lots of global accomplishments, and they also have a 98% post-grad employment rate. They have a low student population and also maintain’s 15:1 student-to-faculty ratio.

Furthermore, they provide $660,000 worth of financial aid to their students annually.


As you can see there are lots of Faith-based schools in Canada whose principle of teaching is from Christ’s perspective. They also provide quality education in both Christian-related courses and other programs.

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