10 Best Christian Schools in Ontario in 2024 (Plus their Address)

Many families in Ontario believe that education is not just all about developing your academic craft, but also helping their kids to grow mentally and spiritually. In fact, more Ontario parents or guardians are seeing the need to send their kids to a Christian school in Canada, especially seeing how confused our society is becoming as the day passes.

We are now in a world where there is an increase of anti-God, so it’s not wrong for parents to desire that their kids grow up with a solid Christian foundation, where they are loved beyond measure and will be equipped to be vessels of Jesus Christ.

Christian schools, whether day or boarding here in Canada, those in the United States, or even those in the UK provide a unique blend of rigorous academics and spiritual guidance.

So in this blog post, we’ll be listing some of the prestigious faith-based schools in Ontario.

christian schools in Ontario
Christian schools in Ontario

Christian Schools in Ontario

As you go through this list don’t forget to trust your instincts, pray for guidance, and remember that the right school will not only educate your child’s mind but also cultivate their spirit and prepare them to thrive in an ever-changing world.

1. The Bishop Strachan School (Toronto, Ontario)

This is one of the Christian private schools in Ontario that cherish and nurture young minds and spirits, that is exclusively for ladies. The school goes beyond helping its students have a deep understanding of major subjects like mathematics, science and technology, humanities, and the arts.

Besides providing quality education, they also offer many extracurricular activities like Arts, Athletics, Service Learning, Student Leadership, Outdoor Education & Global Experiences.

Furthermore, they provide merit-based scholarships to encourage and reward those students who perform well in their academic, artistic, and athletic performance.

Location: 298 Lonsdale Road, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4V 1X2

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2. Albert College

One of the things that makes Albert College unique is that they believe that every student is an “A” student. Even though Excellent Academics is their core purpose for each student, they also make sure every student is strong in the other 4 A’s which are Arts, Athletics, Active Citizenship, and Adventure, and this makes them among the best Christian schools in Ontario

Moreover, the small size of the school has made most people – perhaps everyone – know each other, the faculty and staff can easily relate with each student and give them the training and care they deserve.

International students from Grades 7 to 12 who intend to enroll in the school are forever welcomed, and more than half of their students come from 20 different countries.

Location: 160 Dundas Street West, Belleville Ontario, Canada K8P 1A6

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3. Havergal College

This is the largest all-girls Christian school in Toronto, Ontario that was established in 1894, and they have Kindergarten to Grade 12 classes. Regardless of their devotion to the Anglican tradition, they endeavor that all students are mentored, properly by their faculty.

Moreover, their alumni, parents, and friends understand the need for financial assistance, so they donate funds to help make room for scholarships to those who will be needing financial aid.

Location: 1451 Avenue Rd Toronto, ON M5N 2H9

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4. Académie Ste-Cécile International School

This is one of the Christian private schools in Ontario, Canada which was founded based on the principles of the Roman Catholic Church. They are one of the few high schools that provide an International Baccalaureate, which students have to undertake on a two-year curriculum leading to examinations for high school students in their senior years of study.

They also provide two major dormitories one each for girls and boys. International School boarders have access to the school’s dining hall, where they can enjoy a balanced diet prepared on-campus in their five-star kitchen. In addition, there is a dance and music school.

Location: 925 Cousineau Rd. Windsor, ON N9G 1V8 Canada

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5. Brampton Christian School

This is one of the Christian schools in Ontario that combines Christian principles with quality academics. Their mission is to provide quality spiritual, academic, physical, and social education in a Christ-centered environment.

They provide classes for elementary students down to senior high students.

Location: 12480 Hutchinson Farm Lane, Caledon, ON, L7C 2B6

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6. Hawthorn School

This is the only independent, Catholic-inspired, all-girl school in Toronto. They are also the only girls’ school that provides a “small-school experience”, where each girl is known, participates, and flourishes in every aspect of school life

Hawthorn School was founded in 1989 and they believe that parents are the first and most important educators in a child’s life. That’s why their mission is to assist parents in this holistic education of their children.

Through their Annual Donation Campaign, they get funds that are used to improve your kid(‘s) professional development. You can still be part of the donation to improve other students’ lives.

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7. John Knox Christian School

The John Knox Christian School, Ontario was founded in 1953 to emphasize the word of God and its application in the lives of students. Also, they provide international student programs for foreign students from Junior Kindergarten up to grade 8.

Even though the school is not a technology school, they adapt advanced tech to help their students improve in the tech world. At JKCS, their teachers are not just there to teach with excellence but to also love the children that have been entrusted to them.

Location: 2232 Sheridan Garden Drive · Oakville, ON L6J7T1

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8. Villanova College

Villanova College is not just one of the Christian schools in Ontario, it is also the only Catholic Independent School in York Region. They provide an excellent education for middle school students and upper school.

Students also get to participate in different kinds of athletic performances and competitions, and they believe that students can improve their academics through sports. Your kid can even decide to join their 4-year Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Program or their Art program.

Moreover, 100% of their graduates are admitted to university, and they have an average student-to-teacher ratio of 16:1.

Location: 2480 15th Sideroad, King CityONL7B 0P5

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9. Niagara Christian Collegiate

This is another Christian school in Ontario that was established in 1932 to provide quality education to students through a Biblical perspective. Also, they have been providing financial assistance to students for the past 2 decades.

NCC also provides a dormitory option for students who need accommodation during the academic school year, summer programs and camps, as well as traditional day-student programs for middle and secondary school (grades 6-12).

NCC gives an open arm to international students, and they have different students coming from 12 countries. Furthermore, 100% of their graduates are admitted to the university.

Location: 2619 Niagara Parkway, Fort Erie, Ontario, L2A 5M4

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10. Crawford Adventist Academy

This is one of the Christian schools in Canada that provides admission to both national and International students. International students have to apply for a student permit first before they can enroll.

Adventist education imparts more than academic knowledge. It fosters a balanced development of the whole person-spiritually, intellectually, physically, and socially.

Location: 531 Finch Avenue West, Toronto, ON M2R 3X2

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As you can see these Christian schools in Ontario provide noteworthy academics through the biblical perspective. It;s worth noting that finding the right school depends on your belief and your child’s needs, so ensure to focus on these while navigating through any faith-based school.

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