17 Best Christian Schools in UK (Plus their Location and School Fees)

Raising children well involves teamwork! Sometimes, we parents might focus mainly on the values we teach at home. While that’s crucial, it’s important to remember that schools also play a big role in shaping children’s academic and behavioural development. By working together with teachers and open communication, we can ensure a more well-rounded learning environment for our kids.

I’m not saying that sending our kids to multi-faith schools is wrong, but if we are interested in making sure our kids are not carried away with the corrupt doctrines now ravaging so many schools, then these Christian schools in UK should be your best option.

Besides, they still provide the quality education your kids deserve. If you reside in London or want to send your kid to a Christian school abroad, Canada, the United States, etc, still provides a handful of good options.

Let’s get right away in listing these schools.

Christian schools in UK
Christian schools in the UK

Christian Schools in UK

1. The King’s School

Location: New Yatt Road, Witney, Oxfordshire OX29 6TA


Number of childrenAnnual totalMonthly total

This is one of the best Christian schools in the UK that focuses on producing quality academic results through a Biblical perspective. To promote quality learning and strong teacher-student relationships, they keep their classes small with an average size of 11 in Early Years, 16 in Primary, and 20 in Secondary.

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2. Trinity Christian School

Location: 11 Glebe Road, Reading, RG2 7AG

  • Fees: 
    • First Child – £5,460 per annum
    • Second Child – £4,450 per annum
    • Third Child+ – £3,600 per annum

This is another school that is committed to providing quality education through Christ’s perspective. That means your kids are freely allowed to talk about the bible, about spiritual things, and still become better students, academically.

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3. The King’s House School

Location: King’s House, 77a Frances Road, Windsor, SL4 3AQ

  • Fees: 
    • £5,082 per annum
    • £423.50 per month

This is one of the Christian schools in UK that was recently established in 2012, and since then some students have rated them good while most of them rated them outstanding.

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4. Kingdom Pre-School & Nursery

Location: Dover, South East England

Kingdom Pre-School & Nursery classes are broken down into;

  • Doves (Babies): from 3 months to 2 years old children
  • Lambs (Toddlers): from 2 years to 3 years
  • Lions (Pre-schoolers): 3 years and up.

For me, I just love the names they give to each grade, unlike the usual “JK, K” even the kids do, you’ll see some of the kids asking, “Will I go to the Lion’s rooms soon?” when they are still in the toddlers class, it’s like a milestone to them.

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5. Tabernacle School

Location: 32 St Anns Villas, Holland Park, London, W11 4RS

  • Fees:
    • Reception to Year 1 £7,500 
    • Year 2 to Year 6 from £8,750 
    • Year 7 to Year 11 from £10,750

This is one of the best Christian schools in the United Kingdom that was built out of a desperate desire to have a school that both promoted academic excellence and also nurtured Christian values. The school is a mixed school that is divided into Pre-School (3-5 years), Lower School (6-10 years), and Upper School (11-16 years).

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6. Grangewood Independent School

Location: Chester Road, Forest Gate, London, E7 8QT

  • Fees: 
    • 3 & 4-Year-Olds: £1,384
    • 5-Year-Olds: £1,384
    • 6 – 11-Year-Olds: £2,100 per term (siblings of current pupils pay £1,890 per term)

Grangewood Independent School is one of the Christian schools in UK that was founded more than 4 decades ago with the aim of becoming a co-educational school to serve only kids from 2 to 11 years old.

Most importantly, most students of 2 years old are given Free flexible 15 hrs entitlement, which means they won’t pay school fees.

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7. London Christian School

Location: 40 Tabard Street London SE1 4JU

Fees: £3,810 Per Term (Early Reception to Year 6)

This is another Christian school in London, UK that was recently established in September 2007, and they started with just 4 students. The school believes that “Learning is not simply about adding to the knowledge bank. It is about ‘learning how to learn,'” and their belief has made them create strong, educated children.

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8. Immanuel School

Location: Havering Grange, Havering Road, Romford, RM1 4HR

  • Fees:
    • £605/month for a family with one child
    • £845/month for a family with two children
    • £943/month for a family with three children
    • £1,006/month for a family with four children

I love Immanuel School’s welcome speech a lot, it says;

“Immanuel School is a place where children thrive – a place where education is not just about the acquisition of knowledge but is part of something far bigger. Immanuel School is a place where friendships are formed; where skills and abilities are developed; where vision and calling are discovered; where wisdom is acquired; a place in which children experience a sense of ‘family’ and belonging.”

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9. Melville-Knox Glasgow

Location: 10 Thane Road, Glasgow G13 3YL

  • Fees:
    • 1st child per family: £135 per month
    • 2nd child per family: £105 per month
    • 3rd and subsequent children per family: £75 per month each

This is one of the best Christian schools in the United Kingdom that provides excellent academics with a Christ-centered Worldview. The school also focuses on small class sizes to make sure teachers can concentrate on each pupil.

10. Mannafields Christian School 

Location: Unit B12, St Margaret’s House, 151 London Road, Edinburgh, EH7 6AE

  • Fees: 
    • £345 per pupil per month. 
    • Third children at the school are offered a 50% discount
    • Fourth and subsequent pupils in the school attend for free

Mannafields Christian School is one of the Christian schools in UK where each teacher has personal concern for your kids, and they go out of their way to pray for your kids daily.

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11. Wyclif Independent Christian School

Location: South Wales

Whether you’re a Christian or not, your kids can attend this Christian school, but parents are asked to sign their agreement to the basic principles and rules of the school.

12. Emmanuel Christian School


  • Fees: 
    • 1st Child: £4320 per year
    • 2nd Child: £4080 per year
    • 3rd Child: £3360 per year

This is one of the best Christian schools in the UK that nurtures Christ’s principles and strong academics. Their academic prowess has made them recently win a national award for Innovation and Excellence from the Independent Schools Association.

This is a statement from ISA judges, which proves that though they are a Christian school, they also concentrate on quality academics:

Emmanuel School Derby impressed the judges with their fantastic level of dedication to learning. All staff led passionate and enthusing Zoom lessons during lockdown that kept pupils learning and developing as effectively as if they had been in the classroom. Evidence from parents shows that the innovation and care demonstrated by staff had a real and measurable effect.”

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13. Christian Fellowship School

Location: Overbury St, Liverpool, L7 3HL

Fees: Visit their school fees website to learn more.

To encourage starting school early at CFS, if your kid(s) move from lower school to middle school, the annual supplement of £800 is waived. Also, for new families, Christian Fellowship School eases the transition by reducing fees for the first lower school child by 50% for the first year when they join the school.

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14. Trinity Christian School

Location: Birbeck Street, Stalybridge, SK15 1SH

  • Fees: 
    • Reception (Year 2): £4,956 per year
    • Year 3 – Year 6: £5,256
    • Year 7 – Year 11: £7,212

This is one of the best Christian schools in UK that provides an excellent education from a biblical perspective to Children that are 3 to 16 years old.

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15. King of Kings School

Location: St. Luke’s Parish Hall, Derby Rd, Salford, M6 5YD

Fees: £4,000 per year

This is one of the best independent Christian schools in Manchester, UK that have the core purpose of training leaders for the next generation.

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16. Sol Christian Academy

Location: 115 Fairfield St, Manchester M12 6EL

Since its inception in 2013, the Sol Christian Academy has been providing quality Christian education to kids from the age of 3 to 18.

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17. Bradford Christian School

Location: Livingstone Road, Bolton Woods, Bradford, BD2 1BT

  • Fees:
    • Year 1 – Y11:
      • 1 Child: £424 per month
      • 2 Children: £636 per month 
      • 3 Children: £954 per month
      • If you have four children in the school, you will receive a free place for the fourth child.

This is one of the best Christian schools in the UK that has been providing inspirational Christian education since 1993.

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Key Takeaway

As you can see, these Christian schools emphasize values like compassion, forgiveness, and community service, fostering character development alongside academic excellence. Ultimately, while choosing be sure to look for schools that align with your personal values, beliefs, and your child’s learning needs.

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