10 Unique Christian Boarding Schools in Canada

Christianity is the highest religion in Canada, with 52.3% of their population being Christians, that is, 19,373,325 according to Wikipedia. So, finding quality Christian boarding schools in Canada should be easy-peasy.

Moreover, Canada is known to be one of the best countries for education. In fact, most international students from English-speaking countries, always add Canada as one of the top 3 countries to study abroad.

And, they have a lot of reasons for choosing this country for education, they have lots of colleges that are ranked top in the world, U.S. News & World Report ranked them as the 3rd place in the world for the best quality life. Also, their federal minimum wage is $15.55 per hour which is better than that of the United States ($7.25/hr).

Without much ado, let’s go straight to these schools.

Christian boarding schools in Canada
Christian boarding schools in Canada

Christian Boarding Schools in Canada

1. The Bishop Strachan School (Toronto, Ontario)

This is one of the Christian boarding schools in Canada that cherish and nurture young minds and spirits, that is exclusively for ladies. The school goes beyond helping its students have a deep understanding of major subjects like mathematics, science and technology, humanities, and the arts.

Exceeding the quality education they provide, they also offer lots of extracurricular activities like Arts, Athletics, Service Learning, Student Leadership, Outdoor Education & Global Experiences.

Furthermore, they provide merit-based scholarships to encourage and reward those students that performed well in their academic, artistic, and athletic performance.

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2. Woodland Christian High School (Ontario)

The major purpose this school was established is to help students to grow academically and spiritually. Through their principle, they tend to harness every student’s potential and God’s gifts in their lives.

The school provides a 9:1 student-to-faculty ratio, and out of 315 of their students, 9% are international students whereas the remaining 91% are domestic students.

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3. Havergal College

This is the largest all-girls boarding school in Toronto, Ontario that was established in 1894, and they have Kindergarten to Grade 12 classes. 

They provide 5 boarding dons and 10 junior boarding dons. Students need to be in Grades 9 to 12 before they can apply to join their boarding school, and they accept boarders from different parts of the country. 

Regardless of their devotion to the Anglican tradition, they endeavor that all students are mentored, properly by their faculty.

Moreover, their alumni, parents, and friends understand the need for financial assistance, so they also provide scholarships to those that will be needing financial aid.

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4. Hawthorn School

Hawthorn School is one of the Christian boarding schools in Canada that was founded in 1984 and they believe that parents are the first and most important educators in a child’s life. Through their Annual Donation Campaign, they get funds that are used to improve your kid(s) professional development.

The school is small and also provides one of the lowest student-to-teacher ratios in Canada, which has helped them to properly relate with each student according to their needs.

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5. Northmount School

This school was established in 1990 with the aim of providing Christ-like character with a major focus on academic excellence. Also, the school is exclusively for boys, and they provide all the tools any boy will need to grow in each of their developmental stages.

Also, result from provincial standardized exam has proven that boys’ schools perform better than their co-educational counterparts.

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6. Crawford Adventist Academy

This is one of the Christian Boarding Schools in Ontario that has a 98% acceptance rate, which means almost every student that applies gets admission. However, this doesn’t mean that they don’t put strong consideration to their quality of education.

In fact, they provide unique education and produce some of the most sought-after graduates in both Canada and the World. They have 3 (three) convenient locations to teach students, and they welcome international students from several countries.

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7. The Sacred Heart School of Montreal

This is one of the Christian boarding schools in Canada that is exclusive for girls, and their major aim is to prepare these girls to change the world, positively. The school was established in 1861 and has a simple 1:6 Teacher-Student Ratio.

Speaking of their boarding school, they provide a warm and caring environment for students that intend to live in their dormitory. They even provide a 5-day boarding school, where students that don’t want to stay in the boarding facility the whole term can choose to only stay in the dormitory from Monday to Friday, then return home on weekends.

Also, their boarding house provides lots of facilities such as;

  • laundry facilities
  • a common room with a large-screen television, comfortable couches, and a piano
  • a beautiful sunroom with a view of the city
  • a fully stocked kitchen

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8. Community Life Christian School

Even though this is a Christian School, they still welcome students from both Christian homes and non-Christian homes. They believe education is not about the banking of knowledge, but the making of a masterpiece in the sight of God and men.

They also provide small classroom sizes (1:12 max) to allow students to learn appropriately, and in a fun manner, it also enables them to have a close relationship with their teachers and fellow students, easily.

9. St. Michael’s Choir School 

This is an all-boys Christian school in Ontario, Canada that has a major concentration on Music. They even provide sacred music for services at St. Michael’s Cathedral Basilica.

Moreover, they provide financial aid through a bursary, that is, those funding the grant are their alumni, individuals, and foundations that support St. Michael’s Choir School mission.

10. Mennonite Collegiate Institute

This is one of the Christian boarding schools in Canada that has a very small class size, they have a 1:4 teacher-to-student ratio. Their aim is not just to teach their students the high school curriculum, they majorly want their students to also excel, reach their goals, and also become great leaders.

Also, their dormitory rooms in both the male and female wings are grouped together into modules with 4-6 rooms surrounding a lounge area. And, students have to share a bathroom with the room next door. Each room has 2 beds and a desk area for students to study.


As you can see, there are lots of Christian dormitory schools in Canada, and the great thing about them is that they provide quality education from a biblical perspective.

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