7 Medical Universities in Ireland for International Students

Geographically, Ireland brings a lot of goodies to the table of prospective students. The country is sitting between Europe and North America, which gives you easy access to these two lovely continents.

Here’s the one that should interest you the more, this country is where US innovation comes to scale globally. The country is a global hub for pharma and medtech, hosting 24 of the top 25 players, including Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Roche, Novartis and AbbVie.

I know this might not be needed in this article, but it’s worth noting that Ireland is also profound in the tech industry, out of 10 top global software companies, 8 of them are located in Ireland. 

Most importantly, you’ll find top-ranking medical universities in Ireland for international students, so you have nothing to lose.

Before we list these schools, let’s first list their requirements.

Medicine in Ireland Requirements

Just like most medical schools in the world, like from Finland, or other parts of Europe, their medical requirements are not easy, here are the primary ones you’ll find in most schools for international students;

  • Applicants need to get at least 3 A’s in their subjects (including Chemistry and one other science subject)
  • You need to have a brilliant grade in your international baccalaureate
  • English Language Requirements:
    • IELTS – Minimum of 6.5
    • TOEFL – 90 (minimum Listening 23 \ Reading 21 \ Speaking 22 \ Writing 23)
    • University of Cambridge: at least 176

Other Medicine in Ireland Requirements include the submission of documents like

  • Transcript
  • Personal Statement
  • References
  • Copy of Passport
  • Copy of Birth Certificate (and translation)
  • CV
Medical Universities in Ireland for International Students
Medical Universities in Ireland for International Students

Medical Universities in Ireland for International Students

1. University College Dublin School of Medicine and Medical Science

This is one of Ireland’s most prestigious medical schools that was established in 1854. The school is recognised for lots of accomplishments including providing great graduates that’s why QS World University Rankings ranked them No. 1 in Ireland for Graduate Employability for the 4th consecutive time (2018 – 2022).

This is among the medical universities in Ireland for international students that provide a wide range of support and advice to prospective international students and to all students on overseas placements.

At their undergraduate level, they provide 4 majors which are; medicine, radiography and Biomedical Health & Life Sciences. Whereas at their graduate level, they provide up to 40 programmes for healthcare professionals including hospital doctors, GPs, radiographers, forensic scientists and mental health professionals.

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2. Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland is one of the few Universities that have more international students (60% more to be precise) than their citizens. They account for more than 4,000 international students from 90 different countries.

Which makes it very welcoming for any foreigner that wants to study medicine abroad.

The school don’t just accommodate lots of international students, it is a world-leading international health sciences university and research institution offering education and training at the Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Professional level. They offer Undergraduate degrees in Medicine, Pharmacy and Physiotherapy and taught Postgraduate programmes, as well as research, in areas including surgery, nursing and healthcare leadership.

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3. The National University of Ireland, Galway School of Medicine

This is among the medical schools in Ireland for Int’l students that have a tradition of excellence in teaching for over 175 years. Their undergraduate medicine programme is renowned worldwide. The school of Medicine also welcomes several international students counting close to 500 students currently studying in their flagship Undergraduate Medical Degree Programme.  

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4. University of Limerick Graduate Entry Medical School

Unlike so many other undergraduate medical degrees that take 6 years, this Bachelor of Medicine, and Bachelor of Surgery (Graduate Entry) require just 4 years to complete. The first two years consist of 33 teaching weeks per year starting in August, while the remaining two years consist of clinical training, where you will rotate through the major clinical disciplines in affiliated hospitals and General Practices.

However, the fees for Non-EU students are quite high, especially when compared with EU students. EU fees are €15,690 whereas Non-EU fees are €52,620.

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5. Trinity College Dublin School of Medicine

Trinity College Dublin is one of the medical universities in Ireland for international students that has made a remarkable name for over 400 years. The school is Ireland’s largest research centre and is ranked 1st in Ireland and 98th in the world by QS World University Rankings 2023. 

They offer bachelor’s degrees in Medicine, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Radiation Therapy, Human Health & Disease, Human Nutrition & Dietetics. As well as taught & online Postgraduate Programmes, and research degrees.

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6. University College Cork School of Medicine

University College Cork has a long history of international student admissions. Annually, the school welcomes approximately 3,000 international students from over 100 countries.

The School of Medicine at the University College Cork ranks in the top 2% of universities worldwide and has a rich tradition of teaching, research and scholarship.

Their school of Medicine provide two medical programmes; a 5-year ‘Direct Entry’ programme primarily for school-leaver students; and a 4- year Graduate programme. Their other schools include;

  • School of Clinical Therapies
  • School of Nursing & Midwifery
  • Dental School & Hospital
  • School of Pharmacy
  • School of Public Health 

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7. St. George’s University, Ireland – School of Medicine & Veterinary

More than 40 years ago, St. George’s University, Ireland broke ground by founding the first truly international centre of medical education. So far, the school has graduated more than 19,000 physicians who have practised worldwide and whose good works testify to their belief.

The school provides a seven-, six-, five-, and four-year Doctor of Medicine (MD) program depending on your academic achievement levels. 

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You can see that these medical schools in Ireland for international students are not just some of the best in the country, but they also rank comfortably amongst the best in the world.

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