The only 3 Cheap Boarding Schools London

There is no doubt that boarding schools, including those in London, provide a vibrant learning environment, a supportive community, and rich opportunities. Due to their usual small class sizes, students easily build relationships with their teachers which strengthens their learning.

However, the concern for costs usually hinders the dream, due to the hefty price tag that most boarding schools come with especially those in first world countries.

Fortunately, there are a few cheap boarding schools London that can help to reduce the cost of education. In fact, some schools even provide bursaries and scholarships to help reduce their fees, especially for families with low household annual incomes.

Even though London doesn’t offer lots of affordable boarding schools, you can still explore some other cheap boarding schools in the UK, you will be surprised how low they are.

Moreover, if you’re a Christian, or you would love your kid(s) to enrol in a faith-based school, there are a handful of Christian schools in the city of London and even several of them in the United Kingdom.

Before we get into listing these budget-friendly boarding schools in London, let’s know the average boarding fee in this city.

What is the Average Boarding fee in London?

Before we answer this, it’s worth noting that there are no state-funded boarding schools in London. Boarding schools in nearer cities charge £13,676, £12,787, and £9,320 per term for sixth form, senior, and junior schools respectively according to the 2023 Independent Schools Council (ISC) Annual Census.

cheap boarding schools London

Cheap Boarding Schools London

1. David Game College

Boarding Fees:

Type of RoomBoarding Fees (Catered) 14+Boarding Fees (Catered) 14+
Total fee per yearTotal fee per term
Standard Single£21,000£7,000
Ensuite Single£23,400£7,800
Premium Ensuite Single£25,500£8,500

David Game College is among the cheap boarding schools London that provides a safe, nurturing and academically exciting boarding environment. They also welcome international students who have completed Year 9* or 10 in a UK school (or overseas equivalent), with satisfactory individual performance.

Moreover, David Game College has an excellent education record, where it was rated “Outstanding” by Ofsted in both 2017 and 2020 inspections. It even has a record of turning around previously underperforming students who benefit from the small classes, close monitoring system, and exam-focused approach.

Location: 31 Jewry Street London EC3N 2ET

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2. Royal Alexandra & Albert School

Admission TypeCharge Per Term
Full Boarding (Year 3-11)£6,130
Full Boarding (Years 12 & 13)£6,400
Flexi Boarding (Years 3-6)£1,760
Flexi Boarding (Year 7-11)£2,320
Sixth Form Non-Boarding Package£830

RAA School is not in London but in Surrey, but we added it due to its short distance from Landon, and affordability. The best part is that they didn’t compromise the quality of their education. The reason for the very low cost is because the government pays for the education and parents only have to pay for boarding or flexi-boarding.

Speaking of quality education, Royal Alexandra & Albert School consistently performs extremely well with many Sixth Formers securing places at some of the country’s top universities.

The school caters to students from Year 3 (age 7) through to Year 13 (age 18). It’s worth noting that admission to Royal Alexandra & Albert School is competitive and selective, and students typically need to go through an application process that includes entrance exams and interviews.

Location: Gatton Park, Reigate, Surrey, RH2 0TD, England

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3. Dulwich College

Per TermPer Annum
Day Fees (Junior School and Senior School)£8,231£24,693
Weekly Boarders£16,108£48,324
Full Boarders£17,182£51,546

You might be wondering why we added Dulwich College to our list of affordable boarding schools in London; it’s because of their means-tested bursaries and scholarships. Dulwich College awards over £4.8 million every year to support 214 bursary awards, in fact, 125 pupils receive a free place at Dulwich College.

Also, students can receive a 100% bursary depending on their household income and other criteria.

Besides the fact that this independent school in South London offers bursaries and scholarships, they also provide top-notch education, with more than 60 clubs and societies that represent enthusiasm, innovation and diversity.

Dulwich College is for pupils from kindergarten to year 13 (pupils at the age of 18).

Location: Dulwich Common, London SE21 7LD

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Beyond London: Considering Nearby Options

You can see that there are very few cheap boarding schools London, so it will be in your best interest that you consider some affordable boarding schools outside the city limits. Cities like Surrey, Hertfordshire, Kent, and Essex give you a more wider options.

There are even some schools in the United Kingdom that offer a lot more affordable boarding fees. Some of these schools include:

  • Dallam School, Cumbria
  • Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, Wakefield
  • The King’s School, Macclesfield
  • Cranbrook School, Kent
  • Colchester Royal Grammar School

Key Takeaway

You can see there are very few affordable boarding schools in and close to London. Even though there are no state-funded boarding schools within London, it doesn’t stop you from expanding your search to other cities, which increases your chances for more possibilities.

Overall, affordability shouldn’t just be your basis for choosing a school, there should be more focus on the entire value your kid(s) will get from the school. You can still explore scholarship and bursary options, just like Dulwich College, you might find a school that can waive all your tuition fees depending on your household income and other criteria.

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