The Only 3 Free Boarding Schools in Georgia

Boarding schools has lots of advantages to students, whether it’s helping them to concentrate more on their academics, collaborating with other students to study, play, and socialize, or even improving kids personal growth. In fact, research shows that 78% of boarding school students claimed that they are feeling prepared for college versus 36% of private day students and 23% of public students.

However, living in a school is more expensive when compared with coming from home and, lots of parents don’t have enough finances to fund this education.

Fortunately, there are few free boarding schools in Georgia that can help out. But, the downside is that they are mostly for disabled students.

free boarding schools in Georgia

Free Boarding Schools in Georgia

1. The Georgia School for the Deaf

GSD is one of the three state-operated schools in Georgia and have been providing quality education, social and emotional needs to deaf and hard-of-hearing children for more than 170 years. Not only does your kid get free education, but the school (or to be specific, the Special Education Director of your home) is also responsible for transporting your child to school regardless whether he/she is a day student or residential student.

Also, because it is state-operated, it makes it one of the few free boarding schools in Georgia that doesn’t charge your kids for meals but parents will need to periodically complete a form, usually referred to as a Free or Reduced Meals application.

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2. The Georgia School for Innovation and the Classics (GSIC) – Hephzibah, GA

This is another free boarding school in Georgia that is for pupils from grades K-12. GSIC divided their curriculum into 3 phases which are;

  • Grammar (grades 1-4)
  • Logic (grades 5-8)
  • Rhetoric (grades 9-12)

In addition, the school is open to students of any race, color, nationality, religion, sex, or gender. Unlike the Georgia School for the Deaf, GSIC was recently established on 2015 and they are named the second best Public Elementary Schools in Richmond County by

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3. The Georgia Academy for the Blind – Macon, GA

This is among the few free boarding schools in GA operated by the state provided to visually impaired students. One of the amazing things is that their elective is almost the same with students that can see very well, but the find a way to teach it properly to these students standard and understanding.

For instance, one of their electives is visual art (you might wonder, how possible), the might not have the benefit of their sight, but their the sensitivity of their hands are heightened to participate in art. It aligns with the scientific discovery that when someone is blind, it will result in enhanced their sense of hearing, smell and touch, as well as cognitive functions (such as memory and language).

The school is open to students between 3 to 21 years.

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Unfortunately, there are not so many free boarding schools in Georgia, and most of them are for disabled kids, which makes it harder for families with normal and healthy kids to fund their children’s education. The best alternative is to check out some high school scholarships in the country and if possible the state of Georgia.

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