7 Cheap Boarding Schools in England for International Students

England attracts lots of international students each year from different countries due to their ability to provide academic excellence and their rich history. Regardless of how enticing it is to study in England, it seems like an impossible venture for many, especially those from third world countries due to the perceived high cost of boarding schools.

We want to let you know that there are some cheap boarding schools in England for international students that still provide top-notch education.

Before you get so excited, it’s worth noting that these schools are not “so cheap,” they are just more affordable to international students than most other boarding schools in the UK. Some provide financial aid opportunities for both their domestic and international students.

Moreover, there are several other affordable boarding schools in the UK, and if you reside in the United States, you have lots of options for free and affordable boarding schools. States, like Pennsylvania, New York, Florida, Georgia, Texas, etc, provide some of these boarding schools.

Now we have established these facts, let’s get started.

cheap boarding schools in England for international students

Cheap Boarding Schools in England for International Students

1. Dallam School

Boarding Fees – Split into 3 termly installments as follows:

Main boarding house Years 7 – 13Sixth Form House Years12 – 13
Term 1, 2, & 3£4135 each£4607 each

You can see that Dallam School fees are much more affordable than independent boarding schools. You can still make monthly payments if you feel like it.

Dallam School only accepts international students who have a guardian in the UK. Their boarding school helps their students to be more responsible for themselves, their work, and their friendships. 

They do this with the full support of their dedicated houseparents who are always on hand to keep an eye on students’ wellbeing, support them with homework, and provide extra parenting support. So you can see they are not just affordable, but they try their best to provide excellent education and proper care to your kid.

Location: Main St, Milnthorpe LA7 7DD, UK

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2. Abbey College, Manchester

Boarding Fees

Clydesdale House Standard en-suite£16,300 per year
Clydesdale House Corner en-suite£17,400 per year
Clydesdale House Premium en-suite£19,300 per year
Homestay£13,700 per year

Abbey College is among the cheap boarding schools in England for international students that welcomes pupils from the UK and overseas. They treat their students as mature young adults and create a hard-working yet informal atmosphere.

Even though they focus a lot on students’ academics, they still make out time for enrichment activities such as sports, voluntary work, charity events, and many other opportunities led by the students and staff.

Location: 5-7 Cheapside, Off King Street, Manchester,  M2 4WG

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3. Bosworth Independent College, Northampton

TuitionSupervisedBoardingTotalAnnual Fee
Domestic Fees£15,495£14,490£29,985
International Fees£28,485£14,490£42,975
EU & EEA Fees£21,990£13,995 £35,985

In as much as Bosworth Independent College helps their students to improve academically, and progress to the best possible university and course for them, they endeavor to do this by helping students to understand and respect each other’s backgrounds and points of view.

Location: The Newton Building, Avenue Campus, St Georges Avenue, Northampton, NN2 6JB

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4. Ardingly College

Boarding Fees:

Sixth Form full boarding£14,737 per term
Year 9 to year 11 full boarding£14,214 per term
Year 9 to 11 Flexi-boarding (3 nights)£12, 110 per term
Years 7 & 8 full boarding£10,250 per term
Years 7 & 8 weekly boardings (5 nights)£8,790 per term
Years 7 & 8 Flexi-boarding (3 nights)£8,350 per term

Compared to some other independent boarding schools in the UK, we could boldly say this is among the cheap boarding schools in England for international students. To spice it up, Ardingly College also provides scholarships to students at 11+ 13+, AND 16+ whether through successful examination, interview, and, in the case of Music, Drama, and Sport; audition and assessment.

Ardingly College goes as far as setting high standards for their students, and for them to help their students achieve these standards they recruit and retain world-class teachers and ensure they receive the very best professional development opportunities. They also provide outstanding Pastoral care.

Location: Haywards Heath, West Sussex, RH17 6SQ

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5. Haberdashers’ Monmouth Schools

Boarding Fees:

Monmouth School for BoysTermlyAnnual
Boarding (Years 7-13)£12,847£38,541
Sixth Form Boarding (Entry after Year 10)£13,948£41,844
Monmouth School for GirlsTermlyAnnual
Boarding (Years 7-11)£12,397£37,191
Boarding (Years 12-13)£12,847£38,541
Sixth Form Boarding (Entry after Year 10)£13,948£41,844

Still compared to most boarding schools in the UK this appears to be among the cheapest boarding schools in England for foreign students. Haberdashers’ Monmouth Schools warmly welcomes international students from around the world, and they currently have different foreign students representing over 20 countries. In fact, 44% of their boarders are international students.

The school welcomes applications from international candidates for all year groups. Boarding is available from Year 3 to Year 13 (ages 7-18 years).

Note: Haberdashers’ Monmouth Schools is in Wales right on the border with England.


  • Girls: Hereford Road, Monmouth, NP25 5XT
  • Boys: Almshouse Street, Monmouth, NP25 3XP

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6.  Uppingham School, Rutland

Fees Per Term:

Day (in a boarding house)£9,858

You might wonder why Uppingham School is on our list of cheap boarding schools in England for international students even though their boarding fees come with a hefty price. The answer is on their scholarships and bursaries, especially for those with financial need.

Their scholarship award can be supplemented up to 110% of the school fees through a means-tested award. Students who show excellence in the following fields are eligible for scholarships: Academic, Music, Art, Textiles, Design and Technology, Sport, Drama, and All Rounder (The Thring Award, 13+ only). 

Uppingham School also provides means-tested bursaries to families with financial needs.

Location: Uppingham, Rutland, LE15 9QE

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7. Bradfield College, Berkshire

Boarding£15,100 per term
Day£12,080 per term

This is another a-little-bit-more-expensive boarding school in England that uses scholarships and bursaries to reduce their fees for both domestic and international students. Their scholarships are awarded for achievement and potential either in a specific field or in a combination of fields.

Whereas their bursaries are regarded as means-tested and parents on low incomes can receive a discount of up to 100% on tuition fees. Bradfield College also takes into account compassion and other relevant circumstances in deciding on the level of support.

So, you see, with a bursary, you can eliminate the cost of tuition which makes other fees a lot more affordable.

Location: Bradfield, Berkshire, RG7 6AU

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Key Takeaway

There you have it, you’ve seen some affordable boarding schools in England for international students or those that provide scholarships and bursaries. Remember, your major focus for choosing your kid’s education shouldn’t be just based on affordability but also on the academic excellence of the school, and if the school provides the right supportive environment.

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