5 Free Boarding Schools for Troubled Youth in New York?

Have you ever wondered if there are free boarding schools for troubled youth in New York? Maybe you’re here because your kid or a friend’s kid has been exhibiting some level of trouble whether at home or in school. Maybe it’s inconsistency in school, attracting expulsion, being addicted to the phone, depression, bullying, fighting, alcohol, smoking, etc.

We know that deciding on a therapeutic boarding school for your kid is a hard thing to do, but most times, we do them when we have no other option.

Well, the unfortunate news is that there are no free boarding schools for troubled teens or youth in NY, but there are some in Alabama, Illinois, Florida, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, etc.

The good news is that almost all boarding schools in New York provide need-based scholarships or grants that can help families reduce educational expenses for their kids. I’m happy they basically provide need-based financial aid, which gives families financially unstable the chance to send their kids to school.

And these grants or scholarships don’t need to be repaid. We would also advise you to go through some free government boarding schools in the US, there could be a school that meets your desire.

Before we list these schools, let’s first share some benefits of sending your kid to boarding schools for troubled youth

Benefits of Boarding Schools for Troubled Youth in New York

A.  Withdrawal

A boarding school helps kids to abstain from his/her toxic friends, avoid screen time, change the environment, and focus more on themselves and their mental stability. They might fight their new change at the beginning but they will adapt with time and it will become part of them as time goes on.

B. Mental Healing

The truth is, if you can change someone’s mindset, you have changed the person’s personality. That is what your kid will gain, since they have withdrawn from their peers and gadget, they will start having mental healing because people around them and their teachers will treat them with love, which helps them to see the world differently.

C. Peace

Usually, a troubled teen has had lots of dysfunction with their family, and this usually stairs up their emotion to anger, or doing silly things. So, staying in a boarding school helps them to abstain from family, and only gives room to letter exchange, and intermittent visits, which reduces this pressure and introduces calmness and peace.

It even helps the family to start bonding together again, because there will be a new level of viewing their relationships.

free boarding schools for Troubled youth in New York
free boarding schools for Troubled youth in New York

Boarding Schools for Troubled Youth in New York With Scholarships

1. The Masters School

First of all, The Masters School provides more than $6 million in financial support annually to eligible students which is aligned to their commitment to ensure that The Masters School remains a diverse and vibrant community. Secondly, their scholarships are not merit-based, which enables families with financial need to apply, and when you submit a financial aid application with “Clarity Tuition” is also applying to all named need-based scholarships.

This makes it one of the not completely free boarding schools for troubled youth in New York, that still provides quality scholarships.

In fact, international students that demonstrated need are eligible for financial aid provided they submit all required financial aid documentation, and they have different students from more than 30 countries.

Regarding their boarding, even if you don’t want your kid to spend the whole time in their residence, he/she is allowed to apply for five-day boarding, which gives them the privilege to return home during weekends.

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2. The Storm King School

It is worth noting that Storm King School is one of New York’s oldest (established in 1867) and most prestigious coeducational boarding and day schools. The school is basically for students in grades 8-12 and post-graduates.

It is another not-so-free boarding school for troubled youth in New York that provides scholarships to respond to the demand for financial assistance from families. Just like the Masters School, they only provide need-based grants but theirs is above $2.3 million, where 41% of students receive an average of $26,812 each.

It might not be a lot, but it sure will help to offset some educational costs.

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3. Buffalo Seminary

Unlike other free boarding schools for troubled youth in New York that provide scholarships on our list, Buffalo Seminary provides both merit and need-based Scholarships. And, you don’t need to submit an application to apply for a merit-based scholarship.

In addition, being an all-girls day and boarding school that was founded in 1851 makes it possible for them to introduce both traditional and creative approaches to education in the 21st century.

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4. Hackley School

Hackley doesn’t only provide financial assistance, which helps to compensate parents for not getting the free boarding school for their troubled teen or youth in New York, but they are also regarded as the best boarding school in New York by Niche.com. Hackley only offers need-based financial aid for students in Grades K-12, but parents must first submit a PFS (Parents’ Financial Statement) and supporting documents through the School and Student Services (SSS) financial aid portal.

Moreover, the average award size is $43,000 which is moderately fine, because it covers more than half of your kid’s fee.

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5. Emma Willard School

A school that has existed for more than 200 years should have seen it all, right? One of the things I love about them is their mission statement, which they said,

There are 360 definitions of success here, one for every student.” 

We don’t have a hierarchy of skills or talents we place above others; what our community values is the pursuit of authentic purpose.

And it has helped them to train their students including troubled youths. Speaking of free boarding schools for troubled youth in NY, they don’t offer completely free education but provide need-based financial assistance worth up to $6 million which doesn’t need to be repaid. One of the good things is that 42% of boarding students receive an average of $47,333.

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As we said earlier, there are no free boarding schools for troubled youth in New York, but almost all boarding schools in NY provide scholarships (mostly, need-based) that can help you fund your kid’s education.

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