10 Best Fine Art Schools in Europe 

Europe is a hub for some of the best fine art schools in the world, in fact, the two best fine art schools are all in Europe, the United Kingdom to be precise. This means deciding to study in one of the best fine art schools in Europe a brilliant decision for passionate artists.

One of the interesting things about these schools is that they provide renowned faculty and artists that you can learn from, and you’ll even be inspired by some of the talented alumni artists. The same applies to some of the top acting schools too.

Even though we have done our best by providing these top art schools in Europe based on their rankings, reputation, academic successes, etc. While choosing a school, you should know that the best and right fine art school for you is the one that will help you achieve your goals, so focus more on what you need.

Before we list these schools, we would love to point out that you also need to consider your budget while choosing any school, you should survey the schools’ tuition and even the living expenses like feeding, housing, and transportation of the location. And, don’t hesitate to apply for scholarships if you decide on the school to enrol in.

best fine art schools in Europe

Best Fine Art Schools in Europe

While choosing a school, make sure to do your research, that’s why we provided their official website links. Also, you should consider their location, curriculum, faculty, etc. before choosing, and because a school is no.1 on our list doesn’t mean you must choose it.

If it’s possible, try and visit any school that interests you.

Before we list these schools, we would love to thank QS World University Rankings for their help in listing these schools. Let’s get started

1. Royal College of Art (UK)

The Royal College of Art is undoubtedly the best fine art school in Europe and even the world, and QS World University Rankings agrees, naming them the number 1 university for art & design internationally for the 9th consecutive year. Their acceptance rate is not even so low (27%) especially when compared to some other Universities that provide similar quality education.

The only downside is that they don’t offer a Bachelor’s degree, but if you intend to enrol in a graduate program in Fine Art, then this school should be on top of your list. And, if you don’t want to enrol in any of their degrees, their short 3-week+ course in “Art & Design Portfolio Development” can help you improve in some areas.

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2. University of the Arts London (UK)

UAL is one of the best fine art schools in Europe that provides an excellent education to their students and has also made it to the 2nd best in the world for art and design for the 5th consecutive year by QS World University Rankings. Amazingly, two Universities in London have been recognised as the best in Fine Art in the world for several consecutive years.

Anyway, for those interested in a Bachelor’s degree, UAL provides both Undergraduate and Graduate degrees. They provide more than 100 courses at pre-degree and undergraduate levels in art, design, screen, communication, fashion, media and performing arts.

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3. Aalto University – Department of Art (Finland)

The Department of Art at Aalto University came out to be not just one of the top fine art schools in Europe but also the 6th best in the world according to QS World University Rankings. One of the things that makes them special is the fact that they combine their art program with other programs like science, engineering, social sciences, etc., to create a spectacular single program.

They provide bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees in art.

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4. Design Academy Eindhoven (Netherlands)

One of the interesting things about the Design Academy Eindhoven is that it provides a foundation year for students who want to start a bachelor’s program but aren’t sure if a design and art education is for them. Or students who feel they lack the skills and materials to put together an effective portfolio.

Also, they are recognized in the world of art education by QS World University Rankings as the 9th best in the world, making them one of the best Fine Art schools in Europe. Besides their prestigious recognition, they also provide quality art and design bachelor’s, master’s, and pre-master’s programs.

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5. The Glasgow School of Art (UK)

GSA is among the top fine art schools in Europe that have a proven record of creating some of the world’s most influential and successful artists, no wonder they are the third best in the UK, the 6th best in Europe and the 12th best in the world by QS World University Rankings. They provide several art programs at their undergraduate, graduate, and Postgraduate levels, and even foundational short courses.

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6. Goldsmiths, University of London (UK)

The Department of Art at Goldsmiths, University of London provides different taught Programmes and research works to 472 undergraduates and 173 postgraduate students, as well as 59 research students. The school is internationally recognized even QS World ranks them #22 in providing art subjects.

They provide several art programs like BA (Hons) in Fine Art; MA in Art & Ecology; BA (Hons) in Fine Art (Extension); MFA in Fine Art; BA (Hons) in Fine Art & History of Art; BSc (Hons) Digital Arts Computing; MPhil/PhD Art; MA Artists’ Film & Moving Image; MFA Curating.

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7. The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (KADK) (Denmark)

KADK provides three main art and design Programmes within their 7 departments, which are architecture, design and conservation. 

Students intending to further their career in fine art will find KADK’s bachelor’s degree in Pictorial Art Conservation and Visual Design and Interaction with other programmes interesting. Also their master’s programmes in Art and Architecture, Visual Design and Interaction, and Master in Conservation, will interest students pursuing graduate degrees.

Moreover, the school is world-recognized and ranked #23 in the QS World University Rankings, making it among the best fine art schools in Europe.

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8. Konstfack University of Arts, Crafts and Design (Sweden)

The Bachelor’s programme in Fine Art at Konstfack University focuses on the artistic work of each individual student, and this kind of approach enables them to produce the best from each student. No wonder they are ranked the 26th best art university in the world.

They also provide a Master’s programme in Fine Arts where students will receive individual mentoring, group discussions, workshops, seminars, lectures and field trips outside the institution. 

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9. University of Oxford – Ruskin School of Art

Even though Ruskin School of Art at the University of Oxford is the 9th best fine art school on our list, their acceptance rate is still low, only accepted 130 students in their department, at a rate of 15 to 17.5%. Anyway, just like most other BFA Programmes on our list of best fine art schools in Europe, you can also complete this programme within 3 years, and you have to work alongside other students in organized studios. Also, their MFA Programme will only take 1 year to complete, while their DPhil Programme has a varying period of completion.

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10. Universität der Künste Berlin

Besides the regular art majors Berlin University of the Arts provides, I love their art summer Programme where anyone, including international students, is welcome. Their study programme in Fine Arts is one of the longest on our list, it takes five years to complete, and those who complete it with outstanding artistic achievement are nominated as masters of the UdK Berlin.

They also provide Master of Arts in Art in Context and other art programmes. It’s worth mentioning that they are ranked #31 in QS World University Rankings.

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We can’t deny the fact that choosing the right fine art school in Europe will have a huge impact on your future career. You should note that no two schools are the same, so there are unique qualities that make one different from the other, and it all comes down to your goals and preferences.

The best we could do is to highlight the best fine art schools in Europe based on their rankings, academic excellence, and alumni success. 

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