6 Best Free Online Gymnastics Classes

When the pandemic struck lots of companies started seeking means to provide their services to their customers, and that was when most of them started transitioning to online classes. And sincerely speaking, this movement has really helped lots of us, maybe we could refer to this as the good side of the pandemic.

And, these virtual classes are also applicable to those that want to build their flexibility, kids that want to become the next Simone Biles, or Svetlana Khorkina. This list of best free online gymnastics classes is best for those that love gymnastics but don’t know how to start, for those that don’t have a lot of finances to pay for a class.

But, before we go straight to this list, let’s learn exactly what gymnastics is.

What is Gymnastics?

Gymnastics is the display of your physical agility, balance, flexibility, strength, and ability to be physically and mentally coordinated. 

Through gymnastics, you will be learning a lot of things, you will build your physical strength, and you will even be healthy. Because you are meant to eat a good meal and, exercise on its own is good for health.

Gymnastics has grown from a normal game in Ancient Greek to a sport watched all over the world, whether it is artistic gymnastics, acrobatics, aesthetic group gymnastics, or even trampolining.

Benefits of Free Gymnastics Online Classes

There are lots of reasons to enroll in one of these best free online gymnastics classes, which include;

It’s Free

Yes, it’s that simple, you don’t have anything to lose, so if you’re a beginner that isn’t so sure if taking a more proactive step to paid class is worth your time and money. This is the best way to confirm, you won’t be paying a dime, and you or your kid won’t be leaving home, so everything is done within. 


This is another fun aspect of it, you or your child can decide to come to practice whenever you want, and no one will question you. However, don’t allow the freedom of flexibility to make you lazy over your free online gymnastics classes, you won’t achieve your desired result if you’re not committed to it, even if it’s free.

Learn New Skill

If you’re a beginner, these classes will add to your skill list. Your desire doesn’t necessarily need to be to compete in a gymnastic competition or become a cheerleader before you can take any of these classes.

You might just use it to improve your physique and learn a new skill.

Requirements to Enroll in Gymnastics Classes Online

Anybody can enroll in gymnastic classes, there are even gymnastics classes for seniors but these online classes are meant for a specific set of people who meet some criteria.


You probably have heard of “age is just a number,” but that isn’t absolutely true, there are things you could easily do when you were a baby but can’t do now, and there are things you can easily do now but couldn’t do as a baby. So the age requirement for these best free online gymnastics classes is from 1 year to 16 years.


If you’re a beginner or you want to enroll your kid, it’s best to have someone to supervise you or you should supervise your kid. Some of the moves can be risky, so that’s why a supervisor is important.

Beware of your Surroundings

Gymnastics is not so easy, so training in a bad, risky environment is dangerous and deadly. Make sure your environment is not slippery, there are no dangerous tools around you, and you have enough space.

Use Appropriate Mat

With a proper mat, you reduce injuries to the minimum, especially when you’re going through this training without a professional coach, don’t even attempt anything without a proper mat or gymnastic carpet

Best Free Online Gymnastics Classes

Top Free Online Gymnastics Classes

Here is the list of these best free online gymnastics classes;

  • Gymnastics USA Home Learning | Virtual Classes (Beginners and Kids)
  • Cheer Training: Excel in Jumps, Stunts, and Tumbling (Best for Cheerleaders)
  • Stretching Exercises for Gymnasts
  • Gymnastics USA (Advanced)
  • Gymnastics21
  • Essentials of Gymnastics Coaching

1. Gymnastics USA Home Learning | Virtual Classes (Beginners and Kids)

I have always loved Gymnastics USA from the beginning, and they even amazed us the more when the pandemic hit, instead of feeling bored and losing some skill while at home, or even losing some desire for gymnastics. They had to provide a well-organized training video, and they even went on to make it completely free on their Youtube channel.

This is one of the best free online gymnastics classes designed particularly for kids and beginners. So if you always love watching those kids somersaulting in the Artistic Gymnastics World Championship, or you love watching outstanding arabesque performances but find it difficult to pull it off.

Then this course is perfect for you or your kid(s), because you will be learning to make your body very flexible, to make your bones and muscles stronger, and many more. Before the class will start, your coach will advise you on the kind of environment to be in while practicing this training, then the class progresses to a very fun, simple warm-up that anyone can pull off.

Also, they didn’t upload these videos and allow you to train and figure out your growth on your own, but they have an app to track your progress on daily basis. This helps you to even appreciate your growth as time progresses, and the coaches will give you feedback ASAP based on your ratings.

Enroll Now!

2. Cheer Training: Excel in Jumps, Stunts, and Tumbling (Best for Cheerleaders)

A passerby might assume the work of a cheerleader is very simple, but little do they know that a lot of practice goes on to make sure those legs are stretched, those jumps are made perfectly without any dislocation or in the worst case, fracture. So this course will be helping you to master your jumping, stunts, and tumbling, while at home.

And this is one of the best free online gymnastics classes you could ever see for Cheerleaders. All you need to do is sign in and start your first class, “Cheer Leg Strength Exercises to Jump Higher,” this skill isn’t one of the best fun parts of cheerleading, but it’s very important to improve your flexibility.

And, your coach will be walking you through the process one step at a time. To even make it easier to learn, your coach will be teaching you while the young Asley will be performing the practice, which helps you to relate to her movement.

The only downside of it is the environment, it’s a bit noisy, outside this, you will be having a lot to learn as a cheerleader.

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3. Stretching Exercises for Gymnasts

Just like the name, this class will teach you how to stretch your shoulders, lat, calf, hip, and many other muscles in your body. Unlike other top free online gymnastics classes we have listed, what makes this one unique is that Brandy, the coach will be demonstrating how to stretch your body through a young damsel.

At the end of the class, you’ll be learning landing mechanics, because in gymnastics, if you don’t learn landing techniques or knee mechanics you might end up landing with your kneels hitting together which could be really painful, or might even cause injuries. 

The free gymnastic modules are not very long, but to perfect them, you need to run the exercise over and over (that’s why they are exercises).

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4. Gymnastics USA (Advanced)

Gymnastics USA is showing up again on our best free online gymnastics classes list, that’s how good they are and how willing they are to provide you with unrestricted classes. So we mentioned earlier about their free classes for beginners and kids, now these are more advanced classes.

It also started with warmups.

please if you’re still a beginner’s gymnast, it’s best you choose the class on our first list because these warmups are really advanced.

There are 30 videos in these advanced free gymnastic classes, which are perfect to help you become an expert. Another lovely thing is that they publish some of their students’ gymnastic exercises on their YouTube channel, so if you performed well in one of the training and uploaded your work to their app, you are likely to be shown to the world.

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5. Gymnastics21

This class has two sections, the first part will be handling kids from 1 and half years to 4 years. In this first section, the coach will be teaching your kids in a very fun way, her approach to kids is something I admire a lot.

Instead of making it look like a boring exercise, she chose to use the “dancing approach,” her exercises are in form of dance, and which kid wouldn’t love to dance? And, she used this strategy throughout the 18 minutes of the video.

The next section is a 25-minute video for 5 years to 12 years. She used both the “dancing approach,” and a normal exercise routine, with her ecstatic background music.

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6. Essentials of Gymnastics Coaching

You guessed right, this is one of the best free online gymnastics classes for those that want to start coaching and don’t know how to go about it. Your trainer already has been working in gymnastics for over 20 years, and he is a professional, brilliant trainer.

This class will be showing you how to teach kids to be flexible and to be stronger, you will also learn to help them prevent injury, and when any injury occurs, what you should do. Also, you will be learning how to make kids perfect in their exercise, and most importantly, how to build a system to constantly help kids become better gymnasts.

This class has 5 modules, and you’ll be learning a bunch of amazing things through them.

Start Learning!


As you can see from these best free online gymnastics classes, you or your kids don’t necessarily need to leave home to start their training. However, this is not to disregard paid classes.

As you can see most of these classes don’t have live coaches, so when something comes up and you need to ask a question, you are likely not going to get the answer immediately, or you might not get any. Also paid classes help you to be more focused, and in control, you feel you can ask your coach anything because you know you have the right.

Best Free Online Gymnastics Classes – FAQ

Can I learn Gymnastic Online?

Yes, anyone can learn gymnastics online, but you need a senior supervisor while learning to avoid injuries.

Can I learn Gymnastics At Home?

Yes, you can learn gymnastics wherever you are, as long as you follow the safety procedure, and the steps given by your online instructor.

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