9 Cheapest Universities in Europe for International Students Without IELTS (Plus No-tuition Fee)

Nowadays, international students have a long list of options to study in any country they want, and most countries have come to reduce the cost of education or even make them free for students. 

Also, lots of students are fighting to get free education in Canada, and some even go as far as China for free education. In the same way, so many are trooping to Europe, not just for their affordable education, but also for their quality schooling, and top-notch research works.

Moreover, even though so many schools provide affordable tuition, some of them require that students submit their IELTS result or any other English Language Proficiency Test Result like TOEFL, Duolingo, etc. But, some schools make exceptions, especially schools that don’t have English as their first language, they might request a small question to test your fluency.

In this article, we will be showing you the cheapest universities in Europe for international students without IELTS.

Why do I Need to Study in Europe

Europe is a combination of quality and affordability, there are lots of countries in Europe that provide top-quality education for both their citizens and international students. Also, these same countries, especially Germany provide very affordable education or even free tuition.

Outside these reasons, the continent is surrounded by 50 countries, so you should expect diverse cultures, various cuisine, world-class museums, etc. Now we have seen a little about why we should study in this continent, let’s go straight to listing these most affordable universities in Europe for international students without IELTS.

cheapest universities in Europe for international students without IELTS
cheapest universities in Europe for international students without IELTS

Cheapest Universities in Europe for International Students Without IELTS

1. Free University of Berlin

Tuition Fee: Free

Location: Berlin

The Free University of Berlin is one of the universities in Europe without IELTS that doesn’t require you to pay a dime for tuition fees (yes, you heard me right, they don’t charge you for your tuition). However, your living expenses such as feeding, rent, grocery, and leisure have to be taken care of by you.

Moreover, you are still allowed to work as an international student but for a maximum of 90 days (or 180 half days) per year, and the little money you will make can help pay for your living expenses.

Most importantly, though they provide free-tuition college, they also have excellent academics to back it up. They provide more than 150 undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degree programs

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2. University of Giessen

Tuition Fee: Free

Location: Gießen

This is one of the cheapest universities in Europe for international students without IELTS that also provide free tuition fee due to the fact that it is a public university in Germany. The only students required to pay tuition fees are Master’s Students in Global Change.

As an undergraduate, you’re only meant to pay a semester contribution which will cover the costs for the student body, student services, and the unlimited use of public transport in Giessen and large parts of Hessen (semester ticket).

Also, the school is one of the older universities in the German-speaking part of Europe. And, it has approximately 27,500 students, up to 5,700 academic staff, which includes over 400 professors.

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3. University of Koblenz and Landau

Tuition Fee: Free

Location: Mainz

This is another cheapest college in Germany for international students without IELTS that still doesn’t require any tuition fee except for a uni-assist application fee which will cost €75 for the first desired course of study. An additional €30 applies for every additional desired course of study.

Also, you need to take care of your living expenses which are estimated to be around € 934 – 980/month. And, the college will not demand any proof of financial means before you can apply to study at the school.

The University of Koblenz and Landau provide various programs through their 8 faculties, which include;

  • Educational Sciences
  • Arts and Humanities
  • Mathematics and Sciences
  • Computer Science
  • Educational Sciences
  • Culture and Social Sciences
  • Natural and Environmental Sciences
  • Psychology

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4. HCI Siegen

Tuition Fee: Free

Location: Germany

This is one of the cheapest public colleges in Europe for international students without IELTS which only requires you to pay the standard semester fee of about € 284.50 per semester. The NRW-ticket fee is included, and it will allow the holder unlimited travel per public transport within the largest federal state of Germany.

Furthermore, they provide a diverse range of subjects through their enriched faculties, which include;

  • Faculty of Philosophy
  • Education · Architecture · Arts
  • Economics, Business Informatics, and Business Law
  • Faculty of Natural Sciences and Technology
  • Faculty of Life Sciences

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5. Ruhr University Bochum

Tuition fee: Free

Location: Bochum

Germany is the king of free or even cheapest universities in Europe for international students without IELTS, and Ruhr University Bochum also meets the criteria. Just like other German schools we have listed, the only thing you have to worry about as a student is the cost of living, which you can easily work or pay for, or even get a scholarship, or grant that will also take care of it.

Regardless of their tuition-free education, they have still provided top academic studies. In 2021 NRW promoted international top-level research.

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6. Freiburg University

Tuition Fee: 1,500 Per Semester

Location: Baden-Württemberg, Germany

This is one of the most affordable universities in Europe for international students without IELTS. Even though their fee is low, some international students are not liable to pay this tuition fee, such students include;

  • Holders of a German high-school diploma
  • Foreign nationals with a residence visa or with a permit of permanent residency/EU in accordance with the Residence Act.
  • Foreign nationals with a permanent abode in Germany and permission to reside according to international law, humanitarian, political, family, and other grounds and with a good prospect of staying in the country (e.g. entitled to asylum, acknowledged refugee status in accordance with the Geneva refugee convention, or from family reunion to German, or to foreign nationals, with a permanent abode).
  • Foreign nationals with a permanent abode in Germany who stay legally for 15 uninterrupted months in the country and who possess a specific residency permit.
  • Ph.D. students
  • Erasmus Students

And many more

7. Esslingen University

Tuition Fee: 1,500 € per semester

Location: Esslingen Deutschland

Esslingen University is another affordable college that doesn’t require IELTS from international students, and you can take a part-time job, apply for grants & foundations, or even request a student loan to pay for this fee.

Esslingen University is not just interested in providing affordable college, they also provide excellent academics, and their international MBA program is in the top 10 of the “FindMBA” business school ranking. Also, CHE University Ranking Ranked 7 of their Courses in the Top Group in 2022.

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8. University of Bonn

Tuition Fee: 320.11 per semester

Location: North Rhine-Westphalia

This is one of the most affordable universities in Europe for international students without IELTS that you only require to pay for your living expenses, social contribution, or (semester fee) once per semester.

Also, the school is open to various international students from different countries, and continents, they are open to intercultural approaches, accommodating more 5,000 students from over 130 various nations.

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9. Riga Technical University

Tuition Fee: $82 Per Credit Unit

Location: Latvia

Latvia is another country in Europe that provides very affordable schooling for international students with a demand for IELTS. Moreover, the school is the only polytechnic university in Latvia and the largest university in the country.

They have almost 15,000 students, and they are pursuing becoming one of the third-generation universities that provide both quality education and advanced research and technological work.

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As you can see that there are lots of cheapest universities in Europe for international students without IELTS. In fact, most of them listed in this article provide free tuition.

Most importantly, they still maintain high-quality education.

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