13 Top Culinary Schools in London – Plus Tuition & Location

London is known for many things whether it’s Iconic Landmarks, Historical Sites, or even Vibrant Culture, it is also known for gastronomy. So, if you’re thinking of breathtaking cuisines, world-class restaurants, or even Michelin-starred establishments.

But the question for aspiring professional chefs remains: which of the top culinary schools in London should I choose? That’s why I will first show you how to choose the right school and then I’ll progress to listing some of these programmes.

You’re still free to explore some culinary art schools in other countries like the United States, Australia, Canada, and even Europe

How to Choose the Right Culinary School in London

Choosing the right school regardless of which location is always important because a school might have a great reputation but doesn’t meet the specific goal you intended to enrol in it in the first place. So I want to share with you some ways to make your decision about the culinary schools in London.

Interests and Career Goals

It’s very important that you know the type of cuisine that fascinates you, whether you dream of starting your own restaurant or working in a professional bakery. This will help you understand which specialization to focus on.

Program Length 

If you’ve understood your interests and goals, it will help you decide if you need a short intensive course or a long degree program.

Facilities and Equipment

Ensure that any culinary arts school you are enrolling in has well-equipped kitchens with modern tools. You are free to schedule a visit to ensure this.

Not to mention that the United States has an entire library of affordable culinary schools for foreigners


Truth be told, everyone’s pocket is not the same, especially for international students who pay more than double what home students pay, so you’re free to compare tuition fees and other additional expenses. Also, check if the school offers financial aid to help reduce the fees.

top culinary schools in London

Top Culinary Schools in London

1. Le Cordon Bleu London

  • Duration: Varies
  • Tuition: Varies
  • Location: 15 Bloomsbury Square London, WC1A2LS

Le Cordon Bleu London not only provides some of the most prestigious Professional Cookery Courses but also annually welcomes international students from more than 60 countries. They provide different programmes for both domestic and international students whether it’s culinary diplomas in Cuisine and Pâtisserie (6 or 9 months of training), Diplôme de Boulangerie (180 hours) six-month Diploma in Wine, Gastronomy and Management, etc.

2. University of West London – Culinary Arts Management BSc (Hons)

  • Duration: 3 years
  • Location: St Mary’s Road, Ealing, London, W5 5RF
  • Tuition: 
    • £9,250 (UK students)
    • £16,250 (International Students)

This is one of the top culinary schools in London that is best for students who want to get a degree in Culinary Art Management. The course will not only teach you how to cook but also help you develop skills in managing a restaurant and learning more about food microbiology, diet, nutrition, gastronomy, etc.

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3. Leiths School of Food and Wine

  • Duration: Varies
  • Cost: Varies
  • Location: 16-20 Wendell Road, London, W12 9RT, United Kingdom

As one of the most respected cooking institutes in the United Kingdom, you have the opportunity to choose a programme from basic cooking techniques to advanced culinary skills, and it has a strong emphasis on using high-quality, seasonal ingredients and sustainable cooking practices.

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4. Capital City College Group – Hospitality and Culinary Arts

  • Location: 211 Gray’s Inn Road, King’s Cross, London

Capital City College Group provides some of the best Gastronomy programs in London which is gotten from their commitment to innovation and high performance in Hospitality and Culinary Arts. Their courses range from basic to advanced and professional courses.

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5. Royal Academy of Culinary Arts

  • Location: 76 Vincent Square, London SW1P 2PD

Even though RACA provides a 3-year Chefs’ Apprenticeship program which trains chefs whilst enabling them to work in some of the finest establishments in the UK, why I love RACA the most is their “Adopt a School,” programme. The programme is all about volunteering your time as a chef or hospitality professional to visit 1 local primary school ideally 3 times per school year, preferably once per term, to teach children about food in a holistic sense, about healthy eating, etc.

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6. Birkbeck, University of London – Culinary Industry Management

  • Duration: 3 or 4 years
  • Tuition: 
    • £9,250 per year (home students)
    • £17,620 per year (international students)

This is one of the culinary schools in London for international students that starts with the foundational classes in culinary techniques and then progresses to skills required to manage successful food businesses or to progress your career in the service industry. 

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7. School of Wok 

  • Duration: Varies
  • Cost: Varies
  • Location: 61 Chandos Pl, London WC2N 4HG, United Kingdom

School of Wok is one of the best culinary academies in London that provides 45 types of classes to choose from. It also welcomes any kind of level of experience whether you’re a seasoned chef or a beginner.

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8. Cookery school – Sustainable Learning

  • Location: 15b Little Portland Street London W1W 8BW

This culinary school has a handful of cooking programmes whether it’s Gluten Free Baking, the Ultimate Fish And Shellfish, or some professional cooking courses. If you love having fun while cooking, then this school might suit your taste.

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9. The Jamie Oliver Cookery School

  • Location: 160 Holloway Road, London, N7 8DD

This is another cuisine school that provides more than 30 cooking classes, whether it’s very quick one-hour sessions to immersive full-day experiences. One of the best parts is you can still learn online which will be beneficial mostly to international students.

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10. Birkbeck – Culinary Innovation Management (MSc)

  • Duration: 1 or 2 years
  • Tuition
    • Part-time home students: £7,425 per year
    • Full-time home students: £14,850 per year
    • Part-time international students: £11,610 per year
    • Full-time international students: £23,220 per year

This is one of the culinary schools in London for international students that go beyond the usual cooking classes but dive deeply into the professional skills required to undertake a wide range of roles in the culinary industry. These roles include entrepreneurship, culinary arts and hospitality management, leadership and innovation in the area of food business, etc.

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11. West London College – Hospitality and Catering

  • Location: 9 Gliddon Rd, London W14 9BL, UK

One of the things that makes West London College among the top culinary schools in London is that they develop their courses with employers and are taught by industry experts. Their courses have different levels and range from basic to professional cookery.

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12. London South Bank University – Food Sciences

  • Location: 103 Borough Road, London SE1 0AA
  • Tuition MRes Food Sciences:
    • UK Fees – £4820
    • Int. Fees – £16900
  • Tuition PhD Food Sciences:
    • UK Fees – £4820
    • Int. Fees – £16900

LSBU provides a Master of Research in Food Sciences (1 year full-time) which aims to target major societal challenges in the areas of human health, well-being, performance and behaviour. And PhD in Food Sciences (3 years full-time) which is available to both UK and international students.

13. Chef Academy LTD

  • Location: 17 Hanover Square, Mayfair – London – W1S 1BN

After their huge success in Italy, Chef Academy LTD opened their first school in the UK, located in central London. Since then they have provided several cooking courses whether it’s Hospitality Management & Advanced Food Science Course, Professional Chef Course, Advanced Professional Chef Course, etc.

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Career Opportunities for Culinary Graduates in London

There are a handful of career options for Culinary graduates in London such as;

  • Fine-Dining Restaurants
  • Casual Dining and Gastropubs
  • Hotels and Hospitality
  • Catering Companies
  • Food Media and Styling
  • Private Cheffing
  • Food Product Development and Innovation
  • Food Entrepreneurship

Key Takeaway 

You can see that London provides top-notch culinary education ranging from renowned culinary short courses to specialized diplomas and degrees, the options are plentiful. Remember, while choosing any of these schools whether as a UK or international student, you should align it to your interests and goals.

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