10 Art Schools in Europe Taught in English

Europe is home to several institutions that have a long-standing history in several artistic programmes. Getting inspiration will never be your problem, you can decide to visit some of the great artworks in the UK like Lucas Cranach the Elder – Judith With the Head of Holofernes in Scotland, or Vincent van Gogh – Rain: Auvers in Wales.

You can even choose to study Fine Art in France where Monet was inspired to gift us some paintings like Impression, Sunrise, the notable Woman with a Parasol, and many others. These best Art schools in Europe for international students bring a lot to the table, whether it is providing a wide range of programmes from fine art and painting to fashion and design.

And, we won’t ignore the fact that they provide world-class teaching staff, plus outstanding facilities, and have produced several successful alumni which you can certainly learn from too.

Let’s get straight ahead to list these schools.

Art schools in Europe taught in English
Art schools in Europe taught in English

Art schools in Europe taught in English

Our methodology for choosing these schools was based on their reputation, world ranking, alumni success, student testimonies, etc. It wouldn’t have been a total success without the help of QS World University Rankings. 

Before we start we would love to state that most of these schools also provide scholarships to exceptional international students that don’t need to be repaid.

1. Royal College of Art (UK)

  • Tuition fee 
    • £15,550 (home students)
    • £38,600 (Overseas and EU Students)

Just like most of the other best Art schools in Europe, we’ve written, the Royal College of Art also came to be the best Art school in Europe for international students. In fact, they have held the best art school in the world for 9 consecutive years according to QS World University Rankings, and they don’t seem to be giving up that position anytime soon.

You should note that they don’t offer any bachelor’s degree only master’s programmes, but if you aren’t fully prepared for a graduate programme, their Graduate Diploma Art & Design pre-Master’s programme might be your best option.

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2. University of the Arts London

UAL is among the best Art schools in Europe taught in English that provides undergraduate, graduate, and short Art courses. We won’t fail to mention that they have been ranked the 2nd best art school in the world for five consecutive years.

One of the interesting things that UAL does to make international students’ applications seamless is to provide various representatives from different countries that you can talk to. So imagine you’re communicating with someone from your country who is in the school, of course, he/she can easily direct you on how to go about your application.

It’s also worth noting that they provide scholarships that can help you pay for educational expenses.

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3. Aalto University – Department of Art (Finland)

  • Tuition fee for international students
    • €12,000 (BA Programme)
    • €15,000 (MA Programme)

First of all, we would like to state that one of the ways Aalto University reduces fees for international students is by providing scholarships to outstanding students, some scholarships waive the entire tuition fee. Aalto University is one of the best Art schools in Europe for international students that provides several bachelor’s master’s and doctoral programmes in their department of art.

In addition, the school is internationally recognised and is ranked #6 world’s best art schools by QS World University Rankings.

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4. Design Academy Eindhoven (Netherlands)

  • Tuition Fee for Int’l Students
    • €10,691 (BA Programme)
    • €16,971 (MA Programme)

The shocking thing about studying at the Design Academy Eindhoven is that most of their students are international students. In fact, approximately 70% of Bachelor students and 95% of Master students are from outside The Netherlands. This is what they call acceptance of diversity of cultures and nationalities at the highest order.

And, being the 9th best art school in the world even makes it one of the Art schools in Europe taught in English to enrol in.

Besides the fact they provide both bachelor’s and master’s programmes in Art, they also offer a foundation year programme for those who feel like entering their BA course but are not yet sure or feel they don’t have the right skills.

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5. The Glasgow School of Art (UK)

  • Tuition
    • £1,820 (Scottish (Home) Students)
    • £9,250 (Rest of UK Students)
    • £21,360 (International Students)

International Students are totally welcome to the Glasgow School of Art and 33% from 79 countries of their students are from outside of the United Kingdom. In fact, they welcomed several students which made them have more than 80,000 students at its 5 institutions of higher education.

They provide various bachelor’s and master’s programmes, and an international foundation course in Art and Design.

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6. Goldsmiths, University of London

  • Tuition
    • £9,250 (BA Home)
    • £25820 (BA International Students)
    • £11,200 (MA Home)
    • £24,850 (MA International Students)

Besides the fact that they are globally recognised for their excellent education, it’s also a fact that 80% of their undergraduate students move on to highly skilled work after their studies. Making them one of the top Art schools in Europe taught in English.

They provide several art programs in their department of art some of which include;

  • BA (Hons) Fine Art & History of Art
  • BA (Hons) Fine Art
  • Graduate Diploma in Art
  • MA Artists’ Film & Moving Image
  • MFA Fine Art
  • MPhil/PhD Art

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7. The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (Denmark)

KADK doesn’t admit new international students, but partners with 70 institutions from different countries to accept approximately 30 exchange students each semester. The programme only lasts for a semester.

Just like most exchange programmes, you pay your fees in your home school. Also, their programmes are taught in English.

It’s worth noting that the school is regarded as the 23rd-best art and design school in the world by QS World University Rankings.

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8. University of Oxford – The Ruskin School of Art (UK)

  • Tuition:
    • BA Home: £9,250
    • BA Overseas: £38,550

I just love one of the statements that an Oxford international student made, she said, “At first I didn’t think I was particularly an Oxford type but then I realised there is no Oxford type,” which means you’re treated equally. Listen to more of their testimonies.

Also, one-third of their students, including 21% of undergraduates, are international citizens and come from over 140 countries. Their BFA takes just three years to complete whereas their MFA takes an intensive 1 year to complete.

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9. Universität der Künste Berlin (Germany)

  • Tuition: no tuition fees

Universität der Künste Berlin is not just one of the top Art schools in Europe for international students they also provide their BA in Art for free even for int’l students. You only need to pay a contribution fee of €118 per semester. 

Their programme is a little bit longer than the ones we have listed, it will take you 5 years to complete, and it’s one of the Art schools in Europe taught in English.

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10. Loughborough University – School of Design and Creative Art

  • Tuition
    • BA UK: £9,250
    • BA International: £22,000
    • MA UK: £11,100
    • MA International: £22,500

Loughborough has a long history of welcoming international students to the University. They currently have around 2,300 students studying there from over 130 different countries/regions. Their BA in Fine Art is highly practical, hands-on, and dedicated to the pursuit of creative, real-world solutions and takes 4 years full-time with a placement year or 3 years full-time.

Whereas their MA in Theatre degree is an actively interdisciplinary programme, combining practice-based enquiry and scholarly study.

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You can see that these best Art schools in Europe for international students that teach in English have a lot to offer, and you have nothing to lose by choosing one of them.

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