Is Education Free in Sweden for International Students?

Sweden is surrounded by several amazing colleges that are ranked top in the world, for instance, Karolinska Institute, Lund University, and Uppsala University are ranked among the top 100 Universities in the world. Moreover, these schools provide high-quality education to both their citizens and international students, and they even have programs taught in English including medical programs.

Also, there are several popular companies that came from this country, companies like Volvo, Spotify, IKEA, Ericsson and many others were all established in Sweden. Speaking of companies, this also makes it easier for you to be employed after your graduation if you intend to remain in the country.

And, their average wage is quite amazing, they pay 189 SEK/hr ($18/hr) which is almost the same average wage in the United States.

However, regardless of how interesting studying in Sweden might sound it doesn’t answer the question: is education free in Sweden for international students? So, in this article, we’ll be giving you a concise answer to this question, so let’s get started.

Is Education Free in Sweden for International Students?

Is Education Free in Sweden for International Students?

First of all, education is completely free for citizens, permanent residents, European Union (EU) students and European Economic Area (EEA) students. This is to fulfil the commitment of providing free education to their citizens and EU students. They might only need to pay little administrative fees.

As for international students, Non-EU and non-EEA students, education is not completely free. Why we said completely is because some of the colleges in Sweden provide Scholarships, grants, or even financial aid that can pay your full tuition, which also gives you the same privilege their citizens have.

Also, the country will give you the privilege to work as you study, which can also help you to pay some of your fees, or at least use it for other expenses including personal expenses.

The cost of the tuition fee international students will pay totally depend on the school, field of study, and degree, but the average cost of studying in Sweden is between €8,000 to €15,000.

Cheapest Schools in Sweden for International Students

As we said earlier, citizens of an EU/EEA country or Switzerland are not eligible to pay fees, so these tuition fees only apply to international and non-EU/EEA citizens.

1. Dalarna University

The cost of one-semester full-time studies (30 credits) at Dalarna University is usually between 43,500 and 71,500 SEK (€3,796 and €6,240). The school still offers scholarships and tuition fee waivers.

2. Linnaeus University

The average tuition fee for studying in Linnaeus University is 155,000 SEK (€13,528). The school still gives you options for tuition fee reimbursement, but there are rules guiding them.

3. University of Gävle

If you intend to study their one-year master’s programme, you’ll pay an average of 110,000 SEK (€9,600), and for 2-year Master’s programme, you’ll pay an average of 236,000 SEK (20,597).

4. Malmö University

For a bachelor’s degree programme at Malmö University, you’ll need to pay an average of 290,000 SEK (€25,310) annually. For 1-year master’s programme, the tuition fee is 135,000 SEK (€11,782), then for 2-year master’s programme, the average tuition fee is 300,000 SEK (€26,183)

5. Uppsala University

The cost of study at Uppsala University varies between 100,000 SEK (€8,727) to 140,000 SEK (€12,219) annually.


In summary, we believe we have answered the answer to: is education free in Sweden for international students? The ball is now on you to decide what to do next.

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