Top 13 Free Money for Widows – Plus Scholarships for Widows

First of all, let’s start by saying, we are deeply sorry for your loss, we understand that losing a loved spouse is not just heartbreaking but also financially demanding, especially if he/she was the breadwinner of the family. Sometimes we wish it all ends in bereavement, sadly it doesn’t, and another issue is that women mostly outlive men, whereas men mostly earn more money than women. 

Which makes widows bear the most financial burden when their spouse dies.

It’s even worse in the developing world, where there are approximately 285 million widows according to Together Women Rise, and 115 million of them live in abject poverty. This is sad to report, but it doesn’t make it less true.

Fortunately, there is free money for widows that can be used to sponsor their spouse’s burial, pay for debt, support their family, start up a business, and also feed their kids.

Is There Any Financial Help for Widows

Yes, there are several financial help for widows, and it comes in different forms. Also, the government, depending on the widow’s country, provides several benefits to support the family of the deceased.

Some of this financial help for widows include;

  • Scholarships: we’ll list more on these scholarships for widows later.
  • Child Benefits
  • Bereavement Support Payment
  • Widowed Parent’s Allowance
  • War Widow Pension


free money for widows

Free Money for Widows

1. Global Funds for Widows

Global Funds for Widows is one of the biggest nonprofit organizations dedicated to empowering widows and female heads of households to overcome poverty through skills-based training, job creation, and micro-finance. They are focused on widows from developing countries, and so far they have empowered more than 25,000 widows and helped over 58,000 children.

They don’t only provide free fund for widows and investment opportunities, they also help them to become self-sufficient and become role models to their families.

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2. Widowed or Surviving Civil Partner Grant

Unlike a loan, a grant won’t be repaid, it’s free money to the recipient. This grant is not just for widows, but even if you’re a widower, or surviving civil partners with dependent children you are eligible for a once-off payment worth €8,000.

The payment is made by cheque

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3. Widow’s, Widower’s, or Surviving Civil Partner’s (Contributory) Pension

This is a weekly payment to the husband, wife, or civil partner of a deceased person. You or your deceased spouse or civil partner must have enough social insurance contributions (PRSI) to be eligible.

One of the good things about this contributory pension is that you may earn any amount of money from any other source and still remain entitled to this pension. The rate varies based on your contributions, age, and the age of the child depending on you.

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4. One-Parent Family Payment

This is free money for widows and widowers under the age of 66 who have children or a child depending on them. Your children need to be at a certain age (at least a child should be below 7 years old, there are still exceptions) to be eligible for this payment, and you can still receive some extra benefits like Household Budget Scheme, Working Family Payment, medical card, half-rate Carer’s Allowance, etc, as you enjoy the OFP.

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5. Widow’s, Widower’s, or Surviving Civil Partner’s (Non-contributory) Pension

This pension is a means-tested payment payable to a widow, widower, or surviving civil partner who does not qualify for the Widow’s, Widower’s, or Surviving Civil Partner’s (Contributory) Pension. Recipients will be paid €220 per week, and unlike the contributory pension, you don’t need to have dependent children.

Besides being a widow to qualify, you also don’t have to be cohabiting with another person, and you need to be habitually resident in the State.

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6. Hope for Widows Foundation – Restoring Hope & Peace Grant

This is another free grant money for widows that was established in 2019 to help widowed women reduce their financial burdens as they pass through their healing journey. Hope for Widows Foundation aims to provide these grants annually, and also increase the value as the years go by.

As for the moment, the grant worth $1,500 will be awarded to 4 widows each, though small but will certainly increase with time.

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7. Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

The SNAP benefit was easily added to our list of free money for widows because you’ll receive monthly funds through the Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) card, which works like a debit card. These funds will be used to purchase groceries at authorized food stores and retailers.

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8. U.S. Federal Benefits for Widows and Widowers

The United States provides different federal benefits and free money for spouses that lost their loved ones serving in the army. Some of these benefits include;

  • Annuity for Forgotten Widows
  • Burial Benefits
  • COVID-19 Funeral Assistance
  • Death Gratuity: This is a tax-free payment of $100,000 to eligible survivors of members of the Armed Forces, who died while on active duty or while serving in certain reserve statuses.
  • Lump-Sum Death Benefit

Plus many more.

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9. The Loomba Foundation: Caring for Widows Around the World

The Loomba Foundation doesn’t only give free funds to widows for empowerment, it also funds the education of the children of poor widows through scholarship programs. Through advocacy, the foundation has been able to promote the fundamental freedoms and human rights of widows and their children around the world.

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10. Social Security Lump Sum Death Payment

This payment is federally funded and managed by the U.S. Social Security Administration (SSA). A widow, widower, or child may receive a special lump-sum death payment of $255 if the surviving spouse is living in the same household with the worker when he or she died – there are some exceptions.

And in a scenario, there wasn’t any eligible surviving spouse the lump sum can be paid to the worker’s child (or children).

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Scholarships for Widows

11. JMA Scholarship

The JMA Scholarship was created in memory of Josephine Modupe Aluko to enable young widows to accomplish their educational dreams. The scholarship is worth up to ₦500,000 annually to widows who wish to obtain a first or advanced degree.

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12. Crane Fund For Widows & Children Scholarship

This is among the scholarships for widows and children that provide grants to financially needy students whose parents are deceased, or, for other reasons, are financially unable to provide for their children’s education.

13. The Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firefighter’s Fund

This non-profit organization is dedicated to helping the families of firefighters injured or killed in the line of duty or facing other crises. They don’t only help through free money for widows and scholarships, they also help to pay for insurance premiums, assist with funerals and burials, and also render emotional support. 


As we said earlier, losing a spouse is not just heartbreaking but has lots of financial implications, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to get free money as a widow. We really hope that this list of free money and financial aid for widows serves you well.

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