10 Best Massage Schools in Houston

One of the interesting things about massage therapy is that it can be done for several reasons, not just for the reduction of stress. It can be used to treat pains, decompress tired & overworked muscles, improve general health, and even rehabilitate sports injuries.

And being competent enough to provide these services opens doors to several career opportunities such as starting your own massage therapy business, working at wellness centers, working in Spas, Hospitals, rehabilitation centers, cruise ships, hotels, etc.

The interesting part for residents of H-town is that there are several best massage schools in Houston, and there might even be one in your neighborhood.

Let’s list these schools right away. 

best massage schools in Houston

Best Massage Schools in Houston

1. Texas Health School – Massage Therapy Program

  • Location: 11511 Katy Freeway Suite 200 Houston, Texas 77079

The Texas Health School will be teaching you both the clinical and administrative skills that are required to succeed in the field of wellness, relaxation, and mindful lifestyles. During the progress of the course, you’ll acquire an in-depth understanding of the human body, learn about various bodywork modalities, and receive training in the latest Swedish massage theory and techniques.

After the program, you won’t only be well-grounded to plan and implement treatments for patients in non-medical environments, but also in medical environments.

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2. Houston School of Massage

  • Location: 10600 Northwest Freeway Suite 202, Houston, Texas 77092
  • Tuition Fee: $60 per week

One of the things that makes this school one of the best massage schools in Houston is because of their small class sizes which enable them to properly provide hands-on training to their students and also build better relationships with them.

You can either choose their;

  • Associate Massage Therapy Program; which runs for 8 months (500 hrs), and combines mastering the power of touch and learning sound business practices. 
  • Master Massage Therapy Program; this runs for 570 hrs and will be diving deeper into the experience, skills, marketability, and confidence of the future massage professional.

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3. LSC-North Harris Massage Therapy Department

  • Location: Chi Lone Star College-North Harris School of Cosmetology, 910 E. Richey Rd, Houston, TX 77073
  • Tuition: Between $96 to $269 per credit hour depending on the location

You can either choose to study as a full-time (day student) or part-time (evening student) in this massage school in Houston, and the program can be completed as quickly as 9 months. You’ll be learning how to use touch to manipulate the soft-tissue muscles of the body. The program will prepare you for the Massage Therapy Licensing Exam.

4. Aveda Arts & Sciences Houston Massage School

  • Location: 19241 David Memorial Dr, Suite 100 | Shenandoah, TX 77385

Aveda Arts & Sciences Houston Massage School easily fits into our best massage schools in Houston due to their hands-on training in their clinic salon or spa environment with a customer base who understands that you’re there to learn. Also, their curriculums are designed to prepare students for state licensing exams, including state laws, safety, and sanitation requirements.

To make it easier for you to begin your career immediately after graduation, you’ll join their network of 7,000+ thriving salons and spas worldwide. They will also offer lifetime job placement assistance, however, they do not guarantee employment.

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5. San Jacinto College – Massage Therapy, Certificate of Technology

  • Location: 13735 Beamer Rd.

Houston, TX 77089

Within 2 semesters, you will be built to become a professional massage therapist. At first, you’ll be introduced to a variety of massage modalities, then you’ll discover what type of professional practice is right for you. This program is a state-approved program that provides foundational training in the art and science of therapeutic massage.

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6. Texas School of Massage

  • Location: Texas School of Massage

17045 El Camino Real, Suite 120

Houston, Texas 77058

This is one of the top massage schools in Houston that instruct, assist, and encourage their students in the art of Swedish Massage Technique. This school has a well-equipped facility with several amenities;

  • Two large practical rooms for the training of massage technique
  • Two lecture rooms 
  • Five professional treatment rooms
  • A comfortable reception area
  • Two administrative offices

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7. Avalon School of Massage

  • Location: 811 North Loop West

Houston, TX 77008

First of all, I love the bold statement made by Avalon School of Massage, they said “Book a massage with one of our interns and experience the difference between our school and other schools.” Their program will teach you Thai/Yoga, and Shiatsu massage techniques with their hands-on, practical classes. 

Also, this massage school that will combine massage techniques with Anatomy, Kinesiology, and Chinese Medicine Theory.

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8. Laurel School of Massage

  • Location: 16686 Champion Forest Dr. Spring, TX 77379

This massage school in Houston is licensed by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR). Their classes are in two types; the first one runs for 5 days per week (morning), and will be completed in approximately 6 months, while the second program runs for 3 days per week (evening) and will be completed within 10 to 12 months.

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9. Phoenix School of Massage

  • Location: 6600 Harwin Suite 101 Houston, TX 77036

Phoenix School of Massage has credible instructors with several experience as holistic massage therapists; including naturopathic doctors and oriental medicine doctors. Also, the school is the longest-running massage therapy school in Texas, and they have been able to graduate thousands of Massage Therapy Professionals.

With their Virtual Reality Learning techniques, you can easily see massage experiments in higher definition.

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10. Institute of Cosmetology, Esthetics & Massage

  • Location: 7011 Harwin Drive, Suite 100 

Houston, Texas 77036

  • Cost: $6,670

Just like other best massage schools in Houston, we have listed, the ICE&M course covers fundamental massage techniques that will prepare students to pass the Massage & Bodywork Licensing Exam. Within the 500-hour course, you’ll learn some theory and practical subjects like;

  • Swedish massage therapy techniques.
  • Anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, pathology, and basic pharmacology.
  • Hydrotherapy.
  • Health and hygiene.
  • Business practices and professional ethics.​

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You have seen that there are several top massage schools in Houston where you can go and build and perfect your massage skill.

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