What is Blum and How to Join

Since the launch and success of Notcoin which has made lots of Nigerians money depending on how much they had before it launched. Many Nigerians have been involved in several other tap-to-earn games like TapSwap, Hamster Kombat, and now Blum that have launched subsequently.

The green flag with all these games is that none of them involves money which many Nigerians are not ready for now. Even though TapSwap recently provided the option of earning x2 of coins by paying 1 Ton ($7.49) 

which made it a little bit suspicious — that’s by the way.

Another interesting thing about these games is that it is done on the Telegram platform making it very easy to join and participate.

So, in this post, we want to explain what Blum is, how to join, and some important facts about it.

What is Blum?

According to Blum’s official website, it is a decentralized exchange that provides trading options for tokens from both centralized and decentralized platforms, along with streamlined derivatives trading.

Ok, I know this sounds a little bit jargon, let me explain it in layman’s terms.

Imagine Blum as a marketplace where you can buy and sell all sorts of digital currencies, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, or even memecoins. It’s special because it combines the best of two worlds:

  • Centralized Exchanges (CEXs): These are like big, established shops with a wide variety of coins, but they might limit what you can buy or sell.
  • Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs): These are more like open markets with fewer restrictions, but navigating them can be tricky.

Think of it this way: Blum is like a shopping mall for crypto. It has a wide variety of shops (different blockchains), easy navigation, and lets you keep your own digital wallet (like having your own shopping bag).

Better explanation right?

Blum was built by Former Eastern Europe Binance executives Gleb Kostarev and Vladimir Smerkis, months after leaving the world’s largest digital asset exchange.

How to Mine Blum Token and Play & Earn on Telegram

Just like other play to earn tokens, Blum crypto can be mined from Telegram with the help of a bot. Well, unlike other previous play to earn, you can only join Blum by invitation and each current player only has a maximum of 10 referrals to send out (it was initially 5).

Once you are invited you can register and start mining. Also, their game is tricky, you need to be shooting the leaf-like substances and tap on the freeze-like substance to freeze everything. Watch out for the bombs, it will remove 100 coins of what you get, which can be everything.

You can also accumulate points by performing other tasks like inviting friends, joining their telegram channel, following the founders on X (formerly Twitter), following Blum on Instagram, etc. 

Another way to accumulate points is by clicking on the ‘farm’ button, which you need to return back every 8 hours to claim your reward. Logging in daily also gives you additional points.

You can either use this link or this to join Blum.

Facts About Blum Crypto 

Blum didn’t come from nothing, you can find a lot of interesting and authoritative content about them on the internet! Check this out:

  • Blum was discussed in Bloomberg
  • Blum was handpicked for Binance Labs MVB VII
  • One of the Co-founders, Vladimir Smerkis, spoke at Coinbureau about the Future of Crypto

Key Takeaway 

We can see that Blum has real-life faces behind them, unlike TapSwap and Hamster Kombat. Being made by Former Eastern Europe Binance executives means it has a very high chance of fulfilling what they said.

News reaching us is that the airdrop will launch soon which will reward devoted supporters with the opportunity to acquire a significant slice of the cryptocurrency. 

Participating in the $BLUM airdrop is simple with a referral link.

This initiative is the perfect opportunity for cryptocurrency enthusiasts and newcomers curious to enter the world of cryptocurrencies without any initial financial risk. 

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