The Culinary Collective

The Culinary Collective

Studying at The Culinary Collective allows you to experience the quality of New Zealand’s food and wine, sustainability, organic farming, and traditional techniques.

The Culinary Collective is ranked as a Category 1 provider on NZQA’s EER rating which is the best rating possible for providers.

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Cooking and Baking Courses

1. Certificate in Cookery

DurationLevelDomestic Student CostInternational Student CostCampus
35 weeksLevel 4$9,660$19,900Auckland (Central)

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2. Certificate in Baking (Generalist)

DurationLevelDomestic Student CostInternational Student CostCampus
35 weeksLevel 4$7,740$19,900Auckland (Central)

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3. Diploma in Cookery – Patisserie Strand

DurationLevelDomestic Student CostInternational Student CostCampus
35 weeks / 2 yearsLevel 5$8,884Year 1: $19,900 Year 2: $16,915 Total: $36,815Auckland (Central)

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4. Diploma in Cookery (Advanced) – Cookery Strand

DurationLevelDomestic Student CostInternational Student CostCampus
35 weeksLevel 5$8,884$19,900Auckland (Central)

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5. Diploma in Culinary Management

DurationLevelDomestic Student CostInternational Student CostCampus
40 weeks / 3 yearsLevel 6N/AYear 1: $19,900 Year 2: $16,915 Year 3: $16,915 Total: $53,730Auckland (Central), Hamilton

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Fees Free Study Opportunity 

New Zealand citizens and residents in New Zealand who are planning to start tertiary study for the first time, may be eligible to get one year of study with The Culinary Collective up to the value of $12,000 fees-free.

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Currently, the school doesn’t provide on-campus accommodation for international students. However, they do offer assistance with finding off-campus housing options. This could include:

Student Hostels

These are popular for international students, as they offer a social and affordable living environment. There are a number of student hostels located in Auckland and Hamilton, near the campuses of The Culinary Collective.

Homestays or Private Board

This involves living with a New Zealand family in their home who will provide you with meals and accommodation. You usually have your own room that comes with a bed and often a desk.

Flatting (Renting a Home)

When a New Zealander rents a home or room to an occupant it’s called flatting.

You can rent a house or apartment on your own or join an existing flat as a flatmate.

💡 Tip: A flat in Auckland (which is New Zealand’s largest city) will be more expensive than a flat in Dunedin.

When choosing accommodation, it is important to consider your budget, your lifestyle preferences, and how close you want to live to the college campus.

Learn more about accommodation in New Zealand

Working While Studying

International students with student visas can be allowed to work part-time for up to 20 hours a week and full-time during all scheduled holidays and the Christmas and New Zealand holiday periods. You must check your visa conditions before you start working. 

If you work when you are not allowed to, you will be in breach of your visa conditions.


If an internship is a requirement of your course, Immigration New Zealand will grant you a Student Visa with conditions that allow you to work to complete this practical experience.

Types Of Students Who Can Work (Source: New Zealand Immigration)

You may be able to work part-time or full-time if you are:

  • A tertiary student
  • A PhD or Masters student
  • Some English language students
  • Secondary school students in Years 12 and 13 who have school and parent permission
  • Completing practical experience for your study

The Culinary Collective Internships

To help you acquire important work experience, as part of their courses you’ll be placed with a range of cooking, food or baking businesses to complete an internship. You’ll get real hands-on experience working in professional kitchens, exposure to different culinary techniques, the opportunity to work with different chefs, and to build your industry connections. 

Furthermore, the school will get you work-ready, help you prepare a better CV and interview skills and line you up with exciting job opportunities to get your cooking or hospitality career to another level. 

Their careers team and links with employers will help you, whether you’re starting out, plan to work for yourself or want to take your job to the next level in New Zealand or overseas. 

Contact Details

  • You can call The Culinary Collective on  0800891898 or +6494423456.
  • Fill up a form for any enquiry like a question, need help deciding, or would like to come and visit one of their campuses.
  • You can send a direct email regarding media enquiry to Philip McCracken –
  • You can also visit their official website 

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