Peking University Fees for International Students

Peking University is one of the higher education institutions in China, and it was established in 1898, their main building is comfortably sitting in Beijing inside an urban campus, Yan Yuan.

Quick Features

  • 16,459 Undergraduate
  • 3,713 Full-time teachers
  • 4,035 Bachelor’s degree
  • 10.3 No. of students per staff
  • 19% Percentage of International Students
  • 914 international staff

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Peking University International Ranking 

Peking University is proudly recognized in the world as one of the top colleges, and they are the second-best college in China, behind Tsinghua University.

Ranking CompanyUS News & World ReportQS TopUniversitiesTimes Higher Education
Global Ranking451217
Asia Ranking522
China Ranking2__
Peking University International Ranking 

Peking University Fees for International Students 

Just like most colleges, PKU divides its academic year into semesters. Regarding Peking University fees for international students, it differs based on the program you intend to study.

Good News for bachelor’s international students, they are paying the same tuition or almost the same as their fellow Chinese counterparts. The average International bachelor’s degree fee is US$3,757 which is the same as citizens pay. 

However, international master’s students pay more, their fees could reach 3x of what their fellow Chinese citizen counterparts pay. Their fee ranges from UD$3,632 to UD$11,773.

Whereas the cost for a doctorate degree in Peking University for international students is UD$11,773.

This is what it looks like in table form

Bachelor’s DegreeUS$3,757
Master’s DegreeUD$3,632 to UD$11,773
Doctorate DegreeUD$11,773
Peking University Fees for International Students

Peking University Admission Requirements for International Students

Peking University has strict eligibility requirements that you must meet to be admitted:

  • The minimum age is 18 years old
  • Foreign nationality
    • You must have renounced your Chinese citizenship and lived abroad for at least 2 years
  • Excellent academics
    • High School/previous degree transcripts
    • National exam of your country
  • Certificate of New HSK 6 Exam for Chinese-taught courses
    • 180+ points for undergrad,
    • 200+ for postgrad science,
    • 210+ for postgrad humanities
  • English-language proficiency exam
    • TOEFL: 75+ (undergraduate), 100+ (iBT, graduate programs)
    • IELTS: 6.5+ (undergraduate), 7.0+ (graduate programs
  • PKU Entrance Exam for Undergraduates, Passing Grade
    • Subjects: Chinese language, English, Mathematics
    • Students with very high SAT, ACT, IB, or A-Level scores may be exempted

Peking University MBBS Fees

Peking University MBBS takes 5 years to complete, and their tuition fee is almost the same in each academic year. Students get to pay ¥30,000 for tuition, and ¥5,500 for the hostel fees. You can also learn the exact method to get free MBBS in China

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