7 Best Insurance Brokers in Ghana (Plus Websites and Location)

Ghana is undoubtedly one of the fastest-growing countries in West Africa, its GDP speaks for itself which is projected to be 5.8% in 2023 from the previous 3.1%. It’s also a country with a growing number of middle-class citizens, and when these people start making more money, the need to protect their assets and investments increases.

Insurance has always been one of the best ways to protect yourself for a rainy day, and choosing one of the best insurance brokers in Ghana can be the difference between the monthly or annual premium you pay, the quality of coverage you get, and the response to claim you’ll receive from insurance companies in Gh.

Insurance brokers are more like mediators, and intermediaries that provide advice to clients on the right insurance to obtain based on their needs and budget. They can also help you to file claims.

The best part is most insurance brokers in Ghana, also in Kenya are bound by fiduciary responsibility, which means they are mandated by law to act in your best interest and not theirs nor the insurance companies.

So, by law, their advice and services are meant not to hurt you, and they must always put you first.

The truth is, that there are lots of insurance brokerage firms in Ghana, but not all of them are created equal. So what we did was to filter away so many of these brokers and only provide the ones that will provide you with the right advice and services.

Before we go straight to these brokers we would love to let you know some factors you should know before choosing any broker in Ghana.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing an Insurance Broker in Ghana

It’s not a prerequisite to have a broker if you already know your way around insurance, but if you don’t it’s not only necessary to choose the right insurance company, but also to choose the right broker. So here are some factors to consider while choosing any broker;

Experience or Expertise

The truth is insurance in Ghana is not as straightforward as it is in other developed countries, so you need to know the broker has a proven track record in the Ghanaian insurance industry. Even if they don’t have a track record yet, their deep understanding of the market is very necessary.

Licensed and Registered

The next important thing to ensure from any insurance broker services in Ghana is that they are licensed and registered with the National Insurance Commission (NIC) of Ghana.


This is not “a must” but having a broker that specializes in a particular insurance you need is an added advantage, whether it’s life, health, property, or business insurance.

Client Review

This is another important criterion, look at customers’ reviews, and thank God for “Google review” It’s a good place to start, if there is too much negative comment, that’s a red flag. This review is one of the criteria we use to choose the best insurance brokers In Ghana.

Also check their reputation, if people around you speak well of them then you should consider them.

Communication and Customer Service 

You know there is this thing Africa has in common with poor customer service especially when they already have your money? So if you notice a sign of poor communication style and poor customer service, that should be a red flag also.

Fees and Transparency

Please be sure their fees are clearly stated, you can ask them in detail, and they shouldn’t sugarcoat anything here. Ensure there are no hidden fees too.

Local Presence

You should flee from any insurance brokerage firms in Ghana that only operate online. They must have a physical store.

We believe these factors will guide you properly in choosing the right brokerage in Ghana, now let’s list some of those proven to be the best.

Best Insurance Brokers in Ghana

Best Insurance Brokers in Ghana

1. KEK Insurance Brokers 

KEK Insurance Brokers is not only prestigious in Ghana, but also known for their excellence in Sierra Leone, and Liberia. With the help of over 100 offices and more than 500 employees, they are able to provide local service, and also to multinational firms across these three countries.

With almost 30 years of experience, it also means they have the required experience.

Some of their services include;

  • Risk assessment and management
  •  Claims consulting
  • Training and Education

KEK Group is not just among the best insurance brokers In Ghana they are also among the best in West Africa.

Location: No. 40/41 Senchi Street @ Aviation Road, Airport Residential Area, Accra

P. O. Box AN 6681, Accra-North, Ghana, West Africa

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2. Lordship Insurance Brokers

Lordship Insurance Brokers & Consultancy Limited (LIB) was incorporated in April 1999 and licensed to operate as an insurance broker in May 2002. It’s one of the insurance brokerage firms in Ghana that helps its clients to identify and manage their insurance risk, helps them to manage their claims and other services.

Also, they have a proven track record of providing excellent services to their clients.

3. Shield Insurance Brokers

Shield Insurance Brokers and Risk Management Company Limited (SHIELD) started operation in 2008 (during the time of the global Great Recession). They help advise their clients on the several cover options, offer free insurance audits to ensure cover adequacy and make savings on premiums to be paid.

They also provide insurance risk management and claim to be available 24/7, making them among the top insurance brokers In Ghana.

Location: Kangaroo House,

Adjacent Manet Court Flyover,

off Spintex Road,


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4. Edward Mensah Wood & Associates

This is among the best insurance brokers In Ghana that serves both individuals and businesses, and they already have more than 40 years of experience in all lines of Insurance business gained locally and internationally. Their services include business risk management advice, review of existing contracts of insurance for clients with recommendations, monitoring and advising clients on insurance policy products, amongst others.

Location: Marydee House C124/3 Farrar Avenue Adabraka, Accra

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5. Horizon Insurance Brokers Limited

This insurance brokerage firm in Ghana is licensed by the National Insurance Commission of Ghana, and provides services like risk management, insurance broking, claim management, etc., to local and multinational firms.

Location: Suite No. 9, Krystal Plaza Community 4



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6. Ascoma Brokers

With more than 20 years of experience, Ascoma Brokers knows the right advice and services you or your business will need, at least they know how to listen to your needs. Just like other leading insurance brokerage firms in Ghana, Ascoma Brokers provides analysis, consulting, insurance policy placement, and claims management services.

Location: 76A1 Airport Residential Area

GhanaPost GPS: GA-083-6742 Accra.

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7. IRISK Management Limited

IRISK provides risk management insurance services; they fully understand the high rise of litigation between insurance beneficiaries and insurance firms, so their aim is to help clients avoid this process. They also help to provide reinsurance services.

Location: Hs. No.115 Tuffour Street, Sabonjida-Tamale, Ghana

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Key Takeaway 

The importance of insurance brokers in the insurance industry in Ghana cannot be overemphasized. For instance, making claims can really be hard with some insurance companies in Ghana or even other West African countries, sometimes it even leads to court.

So best insurance brokers In Ghana provide several services including helping you make claims correctly. We believe the factors we have provided will help you to choose the right broker, and we hope you make the right decision.

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