20 Best Insurance Brokers In Ghana (Plus Websites and Contacts)

I think you will agree with me when I say;

It’s hard to find the best insurance brokers in Ghana, gathered in one guide.

Well, that’s why this post was made, to bring the top insurance brokers in Ghana to your doorstep.

Warning: our criteria focus on the online presence (website), and their online customer review.

1. Enterprise Insurance Company Ltd

Let’s respect the first Insurance Company in Ghana, they are not just the first but have maintained a high standard since its inception. That’s why we chose… continue reading.

2. Allianz Insurance Company Ghana Ltd

Allianz is another top insurance broker in Ghana. Their operations in Ghana started in the non-life segment in 2009. The Allianz Group is one of the world’s leading… continue reading

3. Vanguard Assurance Company Ltd

Vanguard Assurance Company Limited began operations in October 1974 as a composite insurance company

and has the enviable record of being the first…continue reading

4. Metropolitan Life Insurance

Metropolitan Life Insurance is a member of Momentum Metropolitan Holdings formerly MMI Holdings, a South African-based financial services group listed on the South African stock exchange… continue reading

5. Hollard Insurance Ghana Ltd

Hollard Insurance is one of the Best Insurance Brokers In Ghana that helps you to take out a life insurance policy that covers your family in the event of your… continue reading

6. Starlife Assurance

Starlife Assurance is one of the few brokers in Ghana that made it easier to get insurance through mobile. They have a simple dial code that… continue reading

7. Phoenix Insurance Company Ltd

Phoenix Insurance is totally committed to ensuring your absolute peace of mind, through the delivery of reliable, relevant, and innovative general insurance services, with… continue reading

8. Sunu Assurance Ghana Ltd

Sunu Assurances Ghana Limited was incorporated as Equity Assurance Ghana on 28th February 2008 as a Non-Life Insurance Company. 

The company is a corporate member of… continue reading

9. Quality Insurance Company

In 1996, the Catholic Bishops’ Conference under the Companies Code of 1963 (Act 179) incorporated Quality Insurance Company Ltd. The Company was… continue reading.

10. Donewell Insurance Company Ltd

Donewell is one of the companies that believe if anything is worth doing it’s worth doing well. With that mindset and mission, they have… continue reading

11. SIC Insurance Company Ltd

SIC Insurance is a listed public limited liability company with over 14,000 shareholders. The Government of Ghana is still… continue reading 

12. Ghana Union Assurance Co. Ltd

Ghana Union Assurance Company Limited (GUA) started as the Insurance Division of U.A.C., (now Unilever) during the Gold Coast days when Northern… continue reading Assurance Company of Britain appointed UAC as its chief agent to offer all classes of insurance until 1962.

13. Priority Insurance Company Ltd

PRIORITY INSURANCE COMPANY LIMITED (“PRIORITY”) is one of the Best Insurance Brokers In Ghana that is fully owned by a Ghanaian company incorporated on the 8th day of September 2011. In 2014, an award by… continue reading 

14. Millennium Insurance Company

Millennium Insurance is a subsidiary of the Jospong Group of Companies which has innovated and successfully grown… continue reading

15. Unique Insurance Company Ltd

Unique Insurance (UIC) is a limited liability company, incorporated in October 1999 and licensed by the Ghana National Insurance Commission to underwrite General Insurance businesses. UIC is also a member of … continue reading


KEK Insurance Brokers is a multinational insurance broking firm with subsidiaries in Ghana, Sierra Leone, and Liberia. 

In 2016, they made approximately… continue reading

17. Ghana Reinsurance Company Ltd

With over forty-eight (48) years of operation as a reinsurance service provider, the Company has lived up to its promise of being… continue reading 

18. Lordship Insurance Brokers

Lordship Insurance Brokers & Consultancy Limited (LIB) was incorporated in April 1999 and licensed to operate as an insurance broker in May 2002. The majority share of Lordship Insurance Brokers & Consultancy Limited is held by F&D Finance and Leasing Company Limited… continue reading

19. First Insurance Company Ltd

First Insurance Company Limited is a wholly-owned Ghanaian Life Insurance Company licensed to do business in Ghana. It opened its doors for business officially in April 2016… continue reading

20. Shield insurance brokers

Shield Insurance Brokers and Risk Management Company Limited (SHIELD) is a Ghanaian Insurance Brokerage firm incorporated on 17th September 2008 as a Limited Liability Company under the Companies Code of Ghana, Act 179 of 1963 and it started operations in April 2009… continue reading

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