18 Esthetician School Online Florida and On-campus Schools in Jacksonville

As more and more demand for Estheticians or skin care specialists rises, Florida is one of the best states to nurture your passion to become a fulfilling career. It doesn’t only provide top-notch beauty schools, but it also provides some of them virtually, which helps you to balance other activities.

The esthetics industry is also facing massive growth due to more rise in the aging population, and the increased awareness of the importance of skin health. So any best esthetician school online Florida is promised to deliver virtual skin care education, on-campus hands-on training like facials, waxing, makeup application, etc., and finally, prepare for your licensure exam.

The same is applicable to esthetician schools in Colorado, New York, Illinois, Georgia, Texas, etc.

So, before we list some of these online esthetician schools, let’s first know how long it will take you to complete an esthetics program and the average amount it will cost you to enroll.

How Long is Esthetician School In Florida

To be eligible to sit for the Florida esthetician licensure exam, you need to have completed a minimum of 260 hours of esthetics training. Which will basically take 3 to 6 months depending on the school and whether you are a full-time or part-time student.

You can also move further to other professional and advanced courses which can take between 4 to 12 months. You might also want to specialize in a particular esthetics program like medical aesthetics, this can take between 60 to 400 hours depending on the school, prior knowledge, and experience.

How Much is Esthetician School in Florida

The cost of skin care school is not so high in Florida whether you’re focusing on online classes or 100% on-campus, but it still depends on the program, the school, and the length. The tuition is between $2,500 to $10,000 without factoring in the cost of textbooks, kit, and supplies which ranges between $500 to $1,000.

With all of these said, let’s now list some of the online skin care schools in Florida.

esthetician school online Florida

Esthetician School Online Florida

It’s worth noting that there is no esthetician school in Florida that offers a 100% online program due to the hands-on training students need. What you’ll see is a hybrid program which is a mixture of both on-campus training and online education. That said, here is the list of online esthetician schools in FL.

1. Dolly Monroe Beauty Academy

This esthetician school online Florida provides a 300-hour esthetics program that will last for 20 weeks. The class is a hybrid program, where from Monday to Thursday is totally online, then on Friday is compulsory on-campus training.

Their classes are very informative and easy to understand even while you study online.

  • Location
    • 10359 Cross Creek Blvd Suite E Tampa, FL 33647

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2. Elise Esthetics Institute

This school is reportedly the first online/hybrid-approved skincare program in the state of Florida. You can either choose the traditional esthetics program, advanced esthetician training, or both, where you move from fundamental to advanced that exceeds Florida State minimum hours.

  • Location
    • 435 E SR 434, Suites 300 Longwood, FL 32750

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3. Florida Dermal Institute

This skin care school online in Florida structured its hybrid program so that students can complete most of their coursework online. Then come on campus either, one day or two days a week to complete their skills training.

Students are allowed to either choose morning, night, or weekend skills training options, similar to some esthetician schools in Illinois or California.

Also, the school is licensed by the Florida Department of Education.

  • Location
    • 2290 North Ronald Reagan Blvd #108 Longwood, Florida 32750

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4. Luxemore Beauty Academy

This esthetician school online Florida provides both Regular Esthetician/Facial Specialist and Advanced Esthetics programs. 

At their 300-hour hybrid Esthetician/Facial Specialist program you’ll be required to come on-campus twice a week, and you’ll be learning topics like History & Opportunities in Esthetics, 

Skin Care Products, Basics of Nutrition, etc.

Whereas their 360 and 600 hours of Advanced Esthetics Training are yet to be released.

  • Location
    • 707 W. Fletcher Ave., Tampa, FL 33612

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5. Altruistic Beauty Academy

Within 20 weeks, this school will be taking you on a journey through their Clinical Esthetician Diploma. You’ll be focusing on relevant topics like comprehensive skin analysis, facials & exfoliation, hair removal, and health and safety practices, amongst others.

Even though the program can be completed within 20 weeks, it’s a 600-hour course.

  • Location
    • 1253 Park St, Clearwater, FL 33756, United States

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6. Florida Barber Academy 

This barbering and esthetician school online Florida provides programs in Facial Specialist and Advanced Esthetics. The hybrid program will take 7 months to complete and you’ll start with fundamental topics like infection control for skin care specialists, basic skin concepts, then advance to skin sciences, etc.

  • Location
    • 51 N. State Road 7 (441) Plantation, FL 33317

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7. McDougle Technical Institute

This skin care school online in Florida won’t only prepare you to receive your esthetician license from the State of Florida but to be highly demanded by top spas, clinics, salons, etc. Through their hands-on experience, students are allowed to perform services for the public under the supervision of experienced instructors. 

  • Location 
    • 2620 SW 17th Rd #700 Ocala, FL 34471
    • 6250 NW 23rd St. Suite #14 Gainesville, FL 32653
    • 1901 N. Federal Highway #201 Pompano Beach, FL 33062

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8. Florida Medical & Aesthetic International School

This school provides Electrology Program in a combination of on-campus training and online education. Their online class still maintains live interaction with the instructors and classmates, then you’ll come on-campus to develop your practical experience.

  • Location
    • 4953 SW 74th Ct, Miami, FL 33155

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Now you’ve seen some of the online esthetician schools in Florida, let’s list some of the top on-campus esthetician schools in Jacksonville FL.

Best esthetician schools in Jacksonville FL

Best Esthetician Schools In Jacksonville FL

Jacksonville is known as a hub for a large and thriving beauty industry, this will help you to be easily hired once you have received your license. So, here are some top esthetic schools in this city.

9. Aveda Institutes

One of the things that distinguishes Aveda Institutes is their application of ancient Ayurvedic wisdom with modern science, making them among the best esthetician schools in Jacksonville FL. Also, they have produced graduates who now work in some of the top spas in the country.

  • Location
    • Mandarin Landing, 10601 San Jose Blvd Jacksonville, FL 32257

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10. Parisian Spa Institute 

This school delivers both hybrid and traditional on-campus skin care programs. 

One of the interesting things is that PSI is a Dermalogica Partnership school, and Dermalogica is recognized throughout the world as one of the BEST skincare lines. Which means you’ll be receiving this education from Dermal Institute in Orlando.

  • Location
    • 1045 Riverside Avenue, Jacksonville, FL 32204

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11. Alpha School of Massage

This is not just among the top skin care schools in Jacksonville, it’s also the longest-running massage school in the city with more than 30 years of experience. Also, it’s among the online esthetician schools in Florida that offer a program that costs only $149 a month.

  • Location
    • 4642 San Juan Avenue, Jacksonville, FL 32210

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12. Total Beauty Institute

One of the unique things about Total Beauty Institute is that it mostly focuses on hands-on training whether through its cosmetology program or 300-hour skincare course. The course grows from basic education to advanced training where you’ll learn about the fundamentals of skincare, anti-aging modalities, and the study of related anatomy, etc.

  • Location
    • 5308 N. Pearl Street Jacksonville FL. 32208

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Best medical esthetician schools in Florida

Best Medical Esthetician Schools in Florida

A medical esthetician is almost similar to a traditional esthetician, the difference is that the former focuses more on using medical-grade equipment and products to treat more skin concerns like Acne, Rosacea, Hyperpigmentation, Wrinkles, Fine lines, Skin laxity, etc.

So, we’ll be listing some of the top medical Aesthetician schools in Florida.

14. Altruistic Beauty Academy – Medical Aesthetician Diploma Program

This is a 650-hour program where you’ll spend your first 300 hours mastering Facial treatment devices, Botani-Clinical product knowledge, Lash & brow tint, Facial lymphatic techniques, etc. Then the remaining 350 hours will be spent on learning three electrolysis modalities (Thermolysis, Galvanic Electrolysis, and the Blend Method), Laser and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) hair removal, etc.

The course is a combination of skin care education and laser tech training, making it among the best medical esthetician schools in Florida.

  • Location
    • 1253 Park St, Clearwater, FL 33756, United States

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15. Florida Medical & Aesthetic International School – Medical Assistant Esthetician

This course will benefit you more if you want to advance your skill in skin care treatment, and it’s just a 60-hour advanced aesthetic procedure. You’ll be trained in the latest technology in aesthetic practices.

  • Location
    • 4953 SW 74th Ct , Miami, FL 33155

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16. Beauty and Health Institute

This school offers a 640-hour Medical Aesthetician Program which you can either enroll as a full-time or part-time student. The course will move from the regular esthetics topics on facial and skin care, then advance to Electrolysis and Laser Hair Removal training.

  • Location
    • 4704 Kelly Rd. Tampa, FL 33615

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17. Neo Beauty School

This is one of the best medical esthetician schools in Florida that provides a Laser & Electrolysis Program where you’ll learn to permanently remove clients’ hair by electrolysis. Being taught in small classes will help you to gather the necessary education and hands-on practical experience you need.

  • Location
    • 1920 E Hallandale Beach Blvd Office #503 & #505 Hallandale Beach, FL 33009, USA

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18. American Institute of Beauty

This institute is not just among the best medical skin care schools in FL, it also won the 2022 & 2023 Best Cosmetology School by Tampa Bay Times. Their Clinical Skin Care Education will teach you some of the progressive trends in skin care such as dermaplaning, LED light therapy, microneedling, and microchanneling, amongst others.

  • Location
    • 2800 34th St. North St. Petersburg, Florida 33713

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Career Path for Estheticians in Florida 

Here are some of the potential career as a licensed esthetician in Florida.

  • Day Spa Esthetician/Manager/Owner 
  • Salon Spa Esthetician/Manager/Owner 
  • Retreat Center Esthetician/Manager/Owner
  • International Resort Esthetician/Manager/Owner
  • Eyelash and Brow Specialist 
  • Waxing Specialist
  • Hair Removal Specialist 
  • Makeup Artist
  • Cosmetic Counter 
  • Esthetician Educator 
  • Medical Esthetician 
  • Beauty Blogger/Influencer 
  • Beauty Buyer 
  • Manufacturer/Product Inventor

Key Takeaway 

You can now see that the future is bright for estheticians, especially in the United States which has the lion’s share of the skin care industry. So, if you have a passion for skincare, and bringing out the beauty of others, then you’re on the right path to an amazing career.

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