5 Easiest Law Schools to Get Into New York

You would hardly pick your top three states to study law without adding the Big Apple, they just have everything that has to do with law. Is it producing some of the country’s top lawyers, becoming the home of Wall Street, and the United Nations, having some of the top law schools both in the country and the world, and popularly known for their global, business, and political law, they have it all.

In fact, NY is the state with more law schools and lawyers per square mile than any other city in America. 

Above all, you’ll find some of the easiest law schools to get into New York. Well, they might not be that easy when compared to other states like California, Texas and Florida, but most of them – perhaps all – are recognized for their quality law education.

easiest law schools to get into New York

Easiest Law Schools to Get Into New York

Our methodology for choosing these easy-to-enter law schools is based on their high acceptance rate, low GPA, and low LSAT score. Moreover, we can’t fail to mention PublicLegal which has helped us with these pieces of information and made it very easy for us to provide it to you.

1. Touro Law – Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center

  • Acceptance Rate: 55.7%
  • Minimum LSAT: 146
  • Minimum GPA: 2.71

Let’s start by saying that Touro Law Center, is adjacent to a state courthouse and federal courthouse, which gives law students unique opportunities to improve their learning and skill. In fact, the work of the federal and state courts is integrated into the daily law school experience and students are in the courtroom from their first year of school. 

To even spice it up, the school award 92.3% of their admitted students scholarships, and all law students will participate in a clinic or externship before they graduate. Even after graduation, the school has a strong employment record – more than 89% of total employment annually.

2. Pace University – Elisabeth Haub School of Law

  • Acceptance Rate: 50.3%
  • Minimum LSAT: 149
  • Minimum GPA: 2.99

Elisabeth Haub School of Law is among the easiest law schools to get into New York that provides J.D. Program, LL.M Program, and SJD Program. Providing an SJD (Doctor of Juridical Science) Program makes them very unique, and it is best for aspiring scholars and teachers in Environmental Law. 

Their clinics are also worth considering, where students have the opportunity to represent clients on actual cases and gain practical experience in dealing with diverse and complex legal situations, under the guidance and supervision of the clinical faculty.

3. CUNY School of Law

  • Acceptance Rate: 31.9%
  • Minimum LSAT: 150
  • Minimum GPA: 3.01

CUNY School of Law is regarded as the nation’s #1 public interest law school it is also the only publicly funded law school in NYC. Another interesting thing about the school is that they provide law committed to writing- and writer-centred pedagogy across the law school curriculum.

Furthermore, their Law School curriculum combines traditional substantive law courses (like contracts, torts, civil procedure and criminal law) with lawyering skills throughout the three years of legal education.

4. Albany Law School of Union University

  • Acceptance Rate: 54.6%
  • Minimum LSAT: 151
  • Minimum GPA: 3.06

Albany Law is among the easiest law schools to get into New York which is known for its top-notch education, that’s one of the reasons they are ranked #3 in Preparing public defenders and prosecutors, and #4 in preparing students for careers in government. In fact, their competence is well-recognized to the extent that Rory J. Radding, Partner, Head Of IP/NY, Morrison & Foerster – one of the best firms in the country – said “We find Albany Law graduates to be intelligent, motivated and success-driven. Students are not only well-versed in the law but also in interpersonal skills—an important trait to look for when hiring.”

5. Hofstra Law

  • Acceptance Rate: 48.1%
  • Minimum LSAT: 148
  • Minimum GPA: 3.11

Since its inception, this school has been able to provide an education rich in both the theory and experiential skills needed to produce outstanding lawyers, business executives, and community leaders to more than 12,000 students. 

The school also provide joint JD/MBA, JD/MPH and JD/MALFL (forensic linguistics) programs. Furthermore, they provide graduate law programs, including a Paralegal Certificate Program, an online Master of Arts in Health Law and Policy degree, and LLM graduate degrees in American Legal Studies, Family Law and Health Law and Policy (online).

Hofstra Law is among the easiest law schools to get into in NY that is named among the Top 25 “Most Innovative Law Schools,” by preLaw Magazine


One of the beautiful things about these easy-to-enter law schools in New York is that most of them are well-regarded in NY, the country and the world at large, so you’ve nothing to lose.

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