40 Best Pre Vet Schools in US (Texas, Georgia, California, Ohio, NY, and Others)

Even though you can enroll in Vet Schools in the United States without any degree, it will be extremely hard to be admitted. In fact, according to the American Association of Veterinary Medical Colleges (AAVMC), only 1-3% of students are admitted to veterinary school without a degree. Because there are only 32 vet schools in the country, they are very competitive in admitting students.

Best pre vet schools in US are basically your best option here because you need a school that will meet the admission requirements of any vet school you intend to enroll in whether in Atlanta, Georgia, California, etc.

Before we get started with these schools let’s first see some of the requirements most vet schools demand.

Requirements Veterinary Schools Are Looking for in Applicants

It’s important that you know exactly what these Vet schools mostly look for in anyone applying, and seeing that application is very competitive and there is a minimal number of schools available, that means you need to do your best to meet these requirements.

  • You need a strong academic record; due to how competitive these schools are, you sure need to have a good record to stand a chance.
  • You need to have some experience with animals; this experience can easily be gotten from pre-vet schools
  • Veterinary-related volunteer work, community service, or any other extracurricular activities
  • Letters of recommendation
  • High scores on the GRE or MCAT
Best Pre Vet Schools in US

Best Pre Vet Schools in US

Since Veterinary schools don’t require any specific major, even though they are interested you take certain prerequisite courses in biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics. 

Some of these schools will serve as advisors to guide you to ensure that you meet the requirements of these veterinary schools in the United States. While some will provide several hands-on experiences and several veterinary-related activities, just know that these schools have mastered the art of preparing their students for vet schools.

Best Pre Vet Schools in Texas

Since only Texas A&M University at College Station and Tech University School of Veterinary Medicine Texas are the only Vet Schools in Texas, you have to do your best to be enrolled.

1. Texas A&M University

Which better school to undertake a pre-vet program in Texas other than TAMU? They provide an Animal Science Pre-Veterinary Medicine option which is beneficial to students who love and are interested in animals.

The pre-vet program will help you to acquire knowledge in animal science, nutrition, physiology, and other vital information, and it’ll prepare you for veterinary school at A&M-Commerce.

2. Angelo State University

One of the interesting things that ASU does that always makes them rank among the best pre vet schools in Texas is they create a small, close-knit program where students can easily build relationships with their professors. Also, they embark students on community service, where individuals can volunteer and have hands-on experience with local animals.

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3. Sam Houston State University

Even though Vet Schools don’t consider your major, the fact that SHSU provides a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science as their Pre-Vet medicine will give you all the needed experience even when you’re admitted to any vet school. Also, it’s located in a rural setting which will definitely help students to have enormous experience with farm animals.

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4. Tarleton State University

This is one of the top pre-vet schools in Texas that emphasizes equine studies – studies of horses – and the University has a very nice equestrian team which students will be working with. Moreover, through its partnership with TAMU College of Veterinary, Tarleton State University can offer up to five additional spots in TAMU College of Veterinary Medicine to its top graduates.

5. Stephen F. Austin State University

SFASU is another best pre-vet school in Texas that emphasizes equine studies, so students should expect to work with horses, their internships will include working at local farmlands. You’ll also have the privilege to choose the animal Science concentration that aligns with your interest and career goals.

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6. UTTyler

UTTyler is among the best pre vet schools in US, that will guide you properly in terms of having the necessary experience with animals, and their behavior, and you’ll do this by working with veterinarians in local clinics and shelters.

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7. The University of Texas at Austin

This is among the best pre vet schools in Texas that provides a 4-year pre-veterinary 

pathway where you’ll get involved in some extracurricular activities like student organizations, volunteering, shadowing in medical settings, community service, etc.

8. Baylor University

To prepare you for the rigorous requirements and work vet schools demand, Baylor University provides services such as Advising, Professional Workshops, Research Opportunities, Student Organizations, etc.

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Pre Vet Schools in Georgia

9. University of North Georgia

The pre-veterinary program at the University of North Georgia is basically an academic advisement area, where professors will provide educational advice to pre-vet medicine students on how to successfully enroll in a veterinary program.

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10. UGA – College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences 

The University of Georgia is among the best pre vet schools in US that provides a rigorous curriculum of basic sciences and hands-on experience with live specimens in classroom and lab environments.

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11. Berry College 

This is one of the best pre vet schools in Georgia that teaches exactly what you need from any pre-vet school in the United States, whether it’s researching alongside professors to learn the best preventative medicine for animal husbandry or working in a local veterinary clinic, etc.

12. Valdosta State University (VSU)

VSU provides a pre-vet program that leads to a B.S. Degree with a Major in Biology. One of the interesting things that VSU does is to assist students with recommendation letters, applications, and shadowing advice to be admitted to a veterinary program.

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13. Columbus State University

CSU provides a bachelor’s degree in Biology which will enable you to easily enroll in veterinary school after graduation. Completing your program gives you an advantage to join most of their students who are accepted to veterinary school at the University of Georgia, Auburn University Tuskegee University, or any other prestigious vet school.

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14. Georgia Southern University

Just like most other pre-vet schools in Georgia, GSU’s pre-vet program is not a major, and students of GSU are required to meet with their Medical Professions Advisor each semester to remain on the path toward the program. And, you must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 to remain in the Pre-Veterinary Program.

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Best Pre Vet Schools in California

15. University of California, Davis

You can’t mention one of the best pre-vet schools in the United States without mentioning pre-veterinary at UC Davis and they are also one of the most competitive in the country. Through this program, you’ll embark on a five-week intensive program where you have coursework, workshops, hands-on veterinary experience in the teaching hospital, etc.

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16. UC San Diego

This is among the best pre vet schools in California and is known for its research works and top-notch veterinary medicine program. Also, their hands-on experience enables you to acquire the experience needed for a vet school in the U.S.

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17. California Polytechnic State University 

Cal Poly took their program to another level, yes they provide practical experience, but they focus mostly on large animals. They go as far as providing on-campus veterinarians, as well as provides a veterinary clinic for students.

It’s worth noting that these on-campus veterinarians are not just professors, but they also provide health and vet care for Cal Poly’s animals of more than 100 horses, 400 heads of cattle, 100 ewes, 35 sows, a tortoise colony, and thousands of birds.

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18. Los Angeles Pierce College

Pierce College is claimed to have the most successful two-year Pre-Veterinary Medicine program in the State of California. In fact, with the recent stat released, more than 350 Pierce alumni have applied and been accepted into graduate schools of veterinary medicine, making them one of the best pre-vet schools in California.

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Best Pre Vet Schools in Ohio

19. Ohio State University

This is one of the best pre-vet schools in US that is solely designed for students interested in large animal medicine like horses, cattle, etc. The school allows you to select any major you love but you must complete some science-related prerequisite courses.

Also, Being one of the top veterinary schools in the country will likely give you easy access to enrolling in their vet school.

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20. Bowling Green State University

This is among the best pre vet schools in Ohio and is mainly for students who intend to pursue a career in food animal medicine. BGSU pre-vet advisors will guide you on the best pathways to veterinary schools and even some alternatives.

You can select any major you find interesting, the school encourages you to major in Biology which is the most common for pre-vet students.

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21. Cedarville University

The pre-Vet program at Cedarville University is one of the places to go for those who love animals and intend to make a career out of caring for them. They are also one of the few pre-vet schools in Ohio that indoctrinate Bible-based teaching into their program.

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22. Ohio Northern University

Just like other top pre-vet universities in Ohio on our list, ONU will assign you to a faculty advisor who will work with you from day one until you graduate. Their provision of individualized attention makes them special because each professor will be concerned about your progress.

ONU will even give you the privilege to dissect a human cadaver, which is rarely given to undergraduate students, making them one of the best pre vet schools in Ohio.

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23. Hiram College

It’s worth noting that if you intend to enroll in a pre-vet program at Hiram College, you’ll focus only on science majors. Hiram College provides you with hands-on experience such as shadowing working veterinarians to studying wildlife at the college-owned 500-acre Field Station.

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24. Lourdes University

Just like most pre-vet schools in the US, students desiring pre-vet programs at Lourdes University also major in Biology with a concentration in Pre-Veterinary Science.

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25. Youngstown State University

This is among the best Pre-Veterinary schools in Ohio that will guide you to practice veterinary medicine, treat disease and injury in animals, promote their health and well-being, etc. 

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26. Heidelberg University

Heidelberg is known for their excellent preparation of students who intend to join the country’s top veterinary programs. They do this by providing you with unique research opportunities, a personalized education plan, and transformational hands-on experiences. 

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27. Mount Vernon Nazarene University

Our list of best pre vet schools in Ohio won’t be complete without mentioning MVNU, their guide through academic, spiritual character, and life-skill development makes them very unique. The school’s semester-by-semester approach provides students with feedback for self-assessment regarding the extent of preparation toward vet schools and careers as they progress.

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Best Pre Vet Schools in New York

28. Plattsburgh State University of New York

SUNY Plattsburgh is one of the top pre-veterinary schools in the United States that will guide you on the path to applying for any Veterinary school including the only two vet schools in NY – Cornell University and Long Island University. The school will guide you on the prerequisite classes you need to take, plus provide some extracurricular activities, internships, volunteering & shadowing.

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29. Rochester Institute of Technology

RIT is among the best pre vet schools in New York that provides a personalized program which is designed to help increase your chances of admission to veterinary schools. RIT will provide advice on course selection, a guide on summer, clinical, research, and co-op employment, plus some extracurricular activities.

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30. State University of New York at Oswego

From your first semester at SUNY at Oswego, you’ll start accumulating the credentials you need to apply for vet schools. You’re allowed to choose any major, and other prerequisite courses.

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Other Best Pre Vet Schools in the United States 

31. University of Minnesota

Enrolling in a Pre-Veterinary program at the University of Minnesota will help you major in Animal Science or Fisheries and Wildlife. The Pre-Vet programs in these majors are designed to meet the U of M’s College of Veterinary Medicine entrance requirements.

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32. University of Wisconsin – Madison (Wisconsin)

If you’re interested in focusing on a career in Veterinary epidemiology, this is one of the best pre vet schools in US for it. The school also has a very strong concentration on global health which will help you see the need to provide veterinary care to developing countries.

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33. Purdue University (Indiana)

Any undergraduate degree you focus on at Purdue University will prepare you for any Veterinary program. The school provides a plan of study that will help you prepare for prerequisite requirements for admission to most doctor of veterinary medicine (DVM) programs.

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34. Michigan State University (Michigan)

Pre-Vet at MSU will give you access to the information, people, and resources to prepare for application to veterinary school. You can choose any major but must remain in contact with pre-vet advisers who will continue to guide you on your journey to applying to a vet school.

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35. University of Illinois (Illinois)

This is one of the best pre-veterinary schools in the USA that allows you to partake in hands-on training, do research, work on their farms, and other training needs. Their curriculum won’t only help you for a vet school, but also medical school, or advanced scientific study.

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36. NC State University (North Carolina)

Pre-Vet program at NC State University is not a major, it’s a track that you can be on regardless of your Major. NC State University Built almost all the vet school prerequisite course requirements to their Science Concentrations and other curricula.

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37. Colorado State University (Colorado)

CUS already has one of the best vet schools in the United States, in fact, they are ranked among the top three. 

Partaking in their pre-vet track or getting your undergraduate degree at CUS doesn’t guarantee your place at their DVM. However, with the help of their four health-professions advisors, you’ll be guided on how to apply, the courses you’ll need before vet school, and answer all your questions along the way.

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38. University of Arizona (Arizona)

It’s very rare to find a school that provides a B.Sc. in Veterinary Science, that’s exactly what the University of Arizona provides. Even though Veterinary Schools don’t care about the major you focus on, having a proper background in Veterinary will help you in your journey at DVM.

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39. Virginia Tech (Virginia)

Just like most other best pre vet schools in US, Virginia Tech doesn’t only provide pre-vet track, but also Pre-dentistry and pre-medicine. You can choose any major of your choice and then selected pre-vet advisors will guide you on specific requirements of professional schools.

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40. Oregon State University (Oregon)

The pre-veterinary Program at OSU is mostly focused on Biology majors which are designed to meet OSU College of Veterinary Medicine prerequisites and other U.S. veterinary schools. OSU encourages students to first consult the requirements for specific schools before they apply because requirements can change.

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Key Takeaway

Choosing the best in anything gives you a headstart including choosing the best pre-vet schools in the United States, it provides you with the important steps towards a successful career. These schools provide you with the necessary advice, hands-on experience, and the right extracurricular activities for vet schools.

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