Starlife Assurance

Starlife Assurance

Starlife Assurance is one of the few brokers in Ghana that made it easier to get insurance through mobile. They have a simple dial code that enables you to get insurance quick;

Starlife’s Services


Child Lifeline Plus

The dream of providing quality education for our children and wards will not be attained until we make a lifetime commitment to invest and make adequate provisions towards financing the cost of educating them from the cradle to the highest level of quality education.

The StarLife Child Lifeline Plus will help you fulfill your dream of giving your child(ren) quality education to the highest level possible. It will assist you to plan financially whilst ensuring that your child still receives quality education even in the event of your permanent disability or premature demise.

Esteem Homecall Plan

The Esteem HomeCall Plus is a term assurance funeral policy which provides insured individuals and family members adequate cash to enable them organise befitting burial ceremonies for their loved ones.


  • Should be 18 years or above but not over 60 years;
  • Should be a regular income earner
  • Other family members between 18 years to 74 years can be insured

Wealthmaster Plus

The WealthMaster Plus has specifically been designed and dedicated to you for the realization of your dreams even in your absence from this world. It provides you the absolute peace of mind by ensuring that, your financial dreams and aspirations are met with ease.


StarLife Employee Security Plan (Group Life)

The Employee Security Plan [ESP] is a comprehensive group life and personal accident policy which also provides optional cover for a section of the employee’s family.


A lump sum payment equal to the sum assured as stated in the Policy Schedule will be paid to you in the event of:

  • Death resulting from natural or accidental causes on or off the job
  • Total and Permanent disability arising from disease or injury
  • Critical Illness or Dread diseases such as Cancer, stroke, total blindness, Major organ transplants etc.

StarLife Keyman Plan

This insurance policy insures the life of a key person/personality for a monetary value ensuring that his/her company is adequately compensated in the event of the following:

  • Death
  • Total and permanent disability resulting from injury or illness

StarLife Loan Protection Plan

Loan Protection Plan provides protection for both credit providers and their consumers. The purpose is to protect the financial assets of credit providers in the event that borrowers are unable to meet their financial obligations.

This policy is to ensure that credit providers are adequately compensated in the event of the death or disability of their borrowers during the tenure of the loan and consequently avoid the financial stress resulting from having to rely on the personal assets of a deceased, or disabled loan beneficiary.

The policy also provides protection for the dependents of these beneficiaries by removing the obligation to repay the loan after the death of their loved one

Diaspora Policy

Supreme Homecall Diaspora Funeral Insurance

This is a funeral insurance policy that provides insured individuals and family members with cash to enable them to give their loved ones the farewell they deserve

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