Oaksure Financial Service

Oaksure Financial Service

Oaksure Financial Services is one of the most rated insurance brokers in South Africa.  It began as two friends who started a business in their bedroom that has grown to become the largest independent short-term insurance broker in South Africa They offer lots of Insurance policies like;

Funeral and Life

Where they don’t increase the premium, that is, they don’t increase the price of the money once you purchase it for the next 12 months. 

Also, you’ll receive a percentage of your insurance premium back after 5 years of purchase of the funeral and life policy.

Home Contents Insurance

This covers the valuables in your home, and not the home itself. 

To avoid not paying fully in case any of your valuables (TV, laptops, air conditioner, washing machines) get damaged or stolen. This policy will protect your important valuables.

Also, Oaksure will FREELY access your home insurance needs with their professional consultants.

Building Insurance

This is where your building is protected. Oaksure will access your building for FREE. Which can help you to easily make claims.

Furthermore, if you have a home security system it will reduce your premium. When you purchase multiple policies from Oaksure, they will offer you a discount on your premium.

Your building Insurance also covers your Swimming pools, walls, gates, motors, and irrigation.

Vehicle Insurance

In their vehicle insurance, you’ll get a FREE personalized consultation to assess your Car Insurance needs.

Business Insurance

Oaksure makes sure your business asset is protected, both physically and financially.

Oaksure also offers other services like; 

  • E-hailing Insurance
  • Cyber Insurance 
  • Vehicle Refinance
  • And Travel Insurance.

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