₦130,000 Nwag Scholarship (For Women)

The (Nigerian Women Association of Georgia) Nwag Scholarship is one of the few undergraduate scholarships – perhaps the only scholarship program – exclusively for women. The Scholarship is very competitive, because the select one best student from each state of Nigeria, and an extra one from the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) which makes it 37 awardees.

These students will receive ₦130,000 worth of scholarships.

Scholarship Type $300
Period Annually
Program Undergraduate
Provider NWAG
Official Website https://nwag.org/nwag-scholarship-nigeria.php 


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How Much is the Nwag Scholarship?

The Scholarship is worth $300 or ₦130,000 (as of 1$ to ₦433 rate), and it’s awarded to 37 women undergraduates that are outstanding in their college.

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Scholarship Deadline

The Nwag Undergraduate Scholarship will end on May 30, 2022. If you didn’t meet it on time, you can still wait till 2023 to apply, because it’s an annual scholarship.

How to Apply for Nwag Scholarship

To apply for the Nwag Scholarship applicants need to;

  • Firstly, download and fill out the application form


  • When you have filled out the form, you need to submit the following documents together with the completed application form:
    • Proof of State of Origin- Letter of Origination from the university or a letter from your local government office.
    • Two letters of recommendation from any two of the following: Church Pastor/Mosque Imam, Village Head, Local Government Chairperson or One of your Lecturers.
    • One Letter of recommendation from either the Dean of your Faculty/School or your Head of Department.
    • Photocopy of your current university student identification card
    • A current photograph of yourself
    • An explanation of why you need and should receive the scholarship (not more than a one-half typed page).
    • A type-written, double-spaced, two-page essay on:
      • “Human Trafficking is on the rise. Explain the rapid spread and its effect on the human race. How can it be stopped?

How to Win the NWAG Scholarship

Most Nigerians don’t win scholarships not necessarily because they didn’t qualify, but because they did follow the right steps, but here are some guides to winning this scholarship.

  • Apply Early: It is normal for students to do things a few days before the deadline, but if you’re among the selected few that will apply for this scholarship on time, you stand a chance of winning it. Because the providers won’t be in a hurry to go through your application and they will see your seriousness too.
  • Make sure to submit the right information: Those that are always victims of spelling errors, or unnecessary mistakes are those that are applying during the deadline. Because they will be in a hurry to fill in all the details, but this is one of the things that can disqualify you. Make sure to submit the right information, and if possible go through your details 3 times.
  • Go through the requirements: Each scholarship has its eligibility requirements, don’t assume anything, go through all of them and submit anything they need.
  • Get a Mentor: Having someone that has already won the scholarship as your coach will give you a very high edge to winning this or any scholarship.
  • Maintain a Good Grade: Most of these scholarships are renewable, so your good CGPA will determine if the company will award you another scholarship.

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