Lordship Insurance Brokers

Lordship Insurance Brokers

Lordship Insurance Brokers & Consultancy Limited (LIB) was incorporated in April 1999 and licensed to operate as an insurance broker in May 2002. The majority share of Lordship Insurance Brokers & Consultancy Limited is held by F&D Finance and Leasing Company Limited.

Lordship Policies

Agric Insurance

The poultry insurance applies to all types of birds including chicken, Guinea fowls, turkey, ducks, etc. that are reared on an intensive scale or confined environment. The minimum number of birds to qualify for this product is 500 birds.

The product protects the insured against losses due to the mortality of birds caused by uncontrollable events. These events may include but are not limited to accidents, stampedes, fire, lightning, explosion, windstorm, and uncontrollable pests and diseases.

FFP Unlimited

Funeral Finance Plan – Unlimited, has benefits ranging from GHS 2,000.00 to GHS 50,000.00

The policyholder can choose benefits from different plans for the members

being covered.

Group Life Insurance

The group life plan is to provide employment benefits to employees by assuring them that in the unlikely event of death or disability that results in their loss of income while in employment, some benefits would be provided to their dependents as replacement income to cushion the effects of the loss.

The scope of the cover extends to natural or accidental deaths, critical illness, temporal/permanent disability, and medical bills

Lifetime Needs Policy

Lordship Insurance Brokers and Consultancy Limited have been working in partnership with Enterprise life since January 2006.

The Company markets and provides professional advice to Prospective Clients requiring ENTERPRISE LIFE products.

They have a formidable Sales team ready to provide you with all your Life Insurance needs.

With your permission, they shall be ready for a presentation on all their Life products as well as mount a customer service stand on your premises to allow your staff and their officers to interact to solve all outstanding customer service issues.

Assets All Risks Policy

This Policy will indemnify you for loss of or damage to the insured property following the occurrence of any of the following perils: Collapse, Fire, Earthquake, Storm, and Flood. 

Their policy includes cover for Lightning, Standard Explosion, Tornado, Burst Pipe, Impact from a vehicle, falling of aerial device, Riot, Strike, Malicious Damage, and Accidental Damage. 

The policy will also ensure your compliance with the compulsory insurance requirement which requires all commercial buildings to be insured.

Motor Vehicle Policy

This policy can be taken under the following headings:

  • Comprehensive Cover
  • Third-Party Fire and Theft Cover
  • Third-Party Only Cover


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