IAM Advisors

IAM Advisors

Their advisors have many years of experience and they have specialized in American Expatriate clients.

Also, they approach their clients in a consultative manner rather than a salesy approach. They come with the approach to help you meet your financial goals with their services. 

They are registered investment advisors, which makes them have a fiduciary responsibility to their clients.

IAM Advisors Services

IAM offers services in three categories:

Financial consulting

The purpose of the initial consultation is to meet and discuss whether their services are appropriate for you.

The initial meeting can be conducted by telephone, Skype, or in person at their office or at another mutually-convenient location. There is no fee or obligation for this consultation and, if it turns out that their services are not appropriate for you, they would be happy to direct you to another firm that provides services more suitable for your needs.

Investment management

Their Portfolio Management service is intended for clients who wish to leave the day-to-day supervision of their investments in the hands of a professional.

An IAM portfolio manager assists you in selecting an investment strategy that is appropriate for your goals and needs. The manager puts the strategy into effect, supervises your investments on a day-to-day basis, and submits to you quarterly updates and a comprehensive yearly performance review.

Financial planning

The financial plan includes advice on cross-border issues for their expatriate clients or anyone with assets in more than one country. They also address non-investment issues such as estate planning, taxation, education planning for children or grandchildren, and retirement considerations.

Each of Their planners is a Certified Financial Planner™ professional that you can trust to work with you to formulate and monitor a financial plan that will guide you through the years ahead.

They also provide;

Retirement Strategy

A retirement income specialist considers your overall financial and retirement well-being factoring in social security, real estate, and a tax efficient withdrawal strategy from investments to maximize portfolio longevity.

IAM advisors offer a personalized approach to retirement income planning focusing on: retirement income, social security benefits, and health insurance, among other considerations, for both US Residents and Americans living abroad.

IAM Contacts


750 Menlo Avenue, Suite 200

Menlo Park, California, USA 94025


+1 (415) 358-0138

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IAM Advisors



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