AON South Africa (Pty) Ltd

AON South Africa (Pty) Ltd

AON is one of the outstanding insurance brokers in South Africa. It has 50,000 colleagues in 120 countries that empower results for clients by using proprietary data and analytics to deliver insights that reduce volatility and improve performance. 700 of these colleagues are in South Africa.

Aon offers; 

Personal Solutions

Which you will get coverage unique to you. Like;

  • Household and Motor Insurance

The quality of insurance is important as well as the premium. It is of no use when you get a premium that can’t serve your desired needs.

Aon has stayed long in the Insurance business, and due to their experience, they have tailored their solutions to each specific client.

Moreover, if your solution is not among the “Aon products” with your approval, they will seek quotes from insurers and help you get the best solution for you.

Your building is probably your most valuable asset. Seeing that it’s a possession you took time to invest in, you don’t want to keep your building unprotected.

Aon Building Insurance covers the permanent structures on your properties and permanent fixtures and fittings. 

Also, their motor insurance policy protects you and the third party from accidents.

  • Aon’s Bespoke Insurance Solutions

This product offers one of the widest insurance covers and highest limits in the market to ensure your valuable assets are adequately protected.

  • Health Insurance Solutions For You

Aon will first help you understand the complexity of medical insurance. Their contracts with various medical schemes help them to educate you and guide you on the right choices.

Commercial Risk Solution

Aon helps to give businesses the best Insurance solution in South Africa. They do this by offering a fully integrated range of risk consulting solutions, from risk identification and control to risk assessment and financing.

They also work with you and your organization to understand the complexity of your business. Which enables them to tailor the right personalized solution for your company.

They also have other solutions which include; 

  • Retirement 
  • Health and reinsurance solutions.

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AON South Africa (Pty) Ltd
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