Best 5 American Expat Financial Advisor

Looking for help in managing your finances as an American expatriate? 

Working with an American expat financial advisor could be your best choice now, especially seeing you are not currently in your residential country, U.S.

Because according to HSBC’s Expat Explorer Survey, 75% of respondents (21,950 respondents worldwide) say: their finances have become more complicated since they left their home country.

So to avoid some regrettable mistakes, Instructorschool has put together, American Expat financial advisor to help you choose rightly.

We gave you below, a brief review of each of the financial advisors.

What Does An American Expat Financial Advisor Do?

Expat financial advisors do more than just advise you on how to manage your money while living abroad. They go a long way to help you construct a financial plan which can enable you to achieve your financial goals.

Let’s say you want to change your tax status in America before moving abroad. A financial advisor will help you submit the right forms. This is very important to make sure you’re not sought after for claim tax relief or tax refund.

Also, a professional financial advisor with the right license will help you to choose the right expat life insurance. The financial advisor educates you too, they can educate you on how to save and budget in a foreign land.

Firstly, they enable you to know your current financial health because you can’t accurately plan for the future if you don’t know the current health of your finances. This financial health could come in the form of a questionnaire, which your answer will enable them to know how to help you further.

Secondly, the financial advisor will use your answers from the questionnaire to help you draft a financial plan. This is also inclusive for expat advisors in the United Kingdom.

Now you have seen what an American expat financial advisor does, let’s learn how to choose the right advisor.

How to Choose Expat Financial Advisor

There are lots of unlicensed financial advisors, especially in underdeveloped countries. Most of them are salespeople looking for the next expat to fool.

They might present themselves as experts, and probably give out free advice to increase your trust in them. And will intend to sell some products that can damage your financial future.

I’m not against free advice, but I want you to be guided with enough arsenal in another country. We don’t want you to be ripped off your hard-earned money.

Here are ways to know the right American expat financial advisors.

  • Licenced

It doesn’t need to be overemphasized, you actually need an advisor who knows what he’s doing. And, one of the proofs of worthiness is their license.

However, if you’re in a country where it is not necessary to have a license to be a qualified American expat financial advisor, find an advisor that has some level of financial education and is not just a salsy salesperson.

  • Communicates Well

The advisor should be fluent in your language (Which I believe is English) and explain financial terms in a simple way you can understand. 

Let’s face it, most of them try to use financial jargon to either bamboozle you or make you feel they are experts. Real experts explain words in simple terms.

  • Listens Well

Another attribute you need to watch is if they listen to you. How is their eye contact when you speak, are they more interested in listening to your complaints and needs than speaking about their products.

  • Trust and Honesty

This is very important especially if you’re planning on long-term financial investment. You need to build a good relationship with your advisor. He needs to be interested in you, and not just your money. 

Once there is trust and honesty, you can sleep knowing that your advisor has your best interest.

  • Speak to Existing Clients

To stay on the safe side, demand to speak to one or two of their existing clients. When you meet them, ask enough questions related to the financial product you want to purchase.

Avoid American expat financial advisor that refuses to allow you to speak to their clients. They might want to make you feel you don’t trust them. Yes, you don’t trust them yet, and you want to clear all forms of skepticism (there is nothing wrong with that). 

  • Don’t be in a hurry

Salespeople will always want you to buy their product now and regret it later, thereby working with your emotions. So don’t be in a hurry to make any financial decision, it can lead you to disaster.

We’ve seen ways to choose an American expat financial advisor, let’s now fully move on to the top 5 financial advisors for American citizens living abroad.

Best American Expat Financial Advisors

1.  Tanager Wealth Management

What makes Tanager so special and our number one pick is all their financial advisors are American citizens living in the UK. So they have a full understanding of…

2. Walkner Condon Financial Advisors

Walkner Condon is another American expat financial advisor that meets the top list. Because their firm is built by expats to help other… 

3. IAM

Their advisors have many years of experience and they have specialized in American Expatriate clients.

Also, they approach their clients in a consultative manner rather than a salesy approach. They come with the…

4. Thun Financial and Creative Planning

This is an American expat financial advisor that has the biggest financial planners in over 65 countries. 

Most importantly, Creative Planning is a…

5. Round Table Wealth Management

Round Table Wealth Management is a fiduciary investment advisor that was established in 1999.

Being fiduciary standard makes it compulsory for them to put….


As an American citizen in another country, you should be careful with the financial decisions you make. Having a professional American expat financial advisor is very necessary.

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